How to self-learn Beginner Spanish

I would like to learn Spanish on my own. Does anyone know of good books and tapes to buy, so that I may learn beginner Spanish in a structured way? Hopefully, they are available in Taiwan.


There is a bookstore at the end of Chung Chin S. Road selling a lot of text book and tapes. You can go check it out. But I still suggest you to get a teacher to explain you the grammar rules and correct your pronounciation.

thanks for your help. But could you please tell me where is Chung Chin S. Rd? What road/street is it near? Do you happen to know the name of the bookstore?

Muchas muchas gracias!

In Hanyu pinyin it should be Chongqing South Road. The president’s palace is on Chongqing South Road. From there you go northwards towards Zhongxiao West Road. Plenty of bookshops there. There is a language specialist bookshop called Tongyi

Found some self-learn Spanish books/tape selections at FNAC. Thanks for the tips!