How to set up self employment status in Taiwan

Technically I’m not allowed to earn money in the UK on a student visa. So my side business is under my gfs name.

The only way I can think of is to set up as self employed in Taiwan as be a consultant. And be paid as a consultant in Taiwan. Which allows tax deductions in the UK for business expense.

Anyone know how this works?

Call/email my CPA, he’ll help you.

He helped me set up as well.


Speaks English?

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Yes. Fluently. US educated.

Tw business. Withdraw and send money to UK from another name. Should be easy and (UK) tax free when a family member supports you, a student.suffering in the uk.unable to work…

Its easy as all anything to setup businesses in taiwan now, so no issues. You need an accountant for one step in the beginning to.setup a piece of paper, otherwise its heap, easy and fast especially if you are taiwanese and speak the language. Overseas it might be worth the 2k for a cpa and 2k for the digital adress everymonth as it can be done quick and without headache…4k monthly and remain overseas aint too shabby.

I am wondering if anyone has dealt with this as a foreigner setting up a business in Taiwan? I know that you can get a Visa/ARC through this method, but at some point (I have read 1-3 years), you have to show evidence of a certain amount of revenue? Does anyone have experience as to how this works?

The following thread may be more suitable to talk on your question.

And fyi
The consultation mechanism talked in the thread may be the following

4.The employer has made substantial contribution to the domestic economic development. Alternatively, he, she, or it has a special circumstance that is treated as a special case by the central competent authority after consultation with the authority concerned at the central government level.(Refer to Lao-Zhi-Fa-Guan-Zi No. 10405039351 dated April 8, 2015)


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If you call the guy on the business card, he’ll give you all the answers. i have done this.

Will he do referrals from overseas? I am not currently in Taiwan.

Why not?

Send him an email. Say Marco sent you. All questions answered.