How to settings Vibo Mobile Internet?

I’m foreigner. I from Vietnam. I want
use Mobile Internet (3G/GPRS) to Chat with friends , Web-
Wap browser,… I using Vibo network,
but i don’t know register and settings
Internet. And detail prices? Please help me!

Please help me about it. Thanks.

Hey there, I had the same problem when I started using Vibo. Call the help number; there is a guy who speaks decent English who can walk you through the settings.

Sorry! Speak English skill of me is very bad. Can you help me? Thanks

Internet Access
By taking the advantage of VIBO handset or data card, user can enjoy surfing Internet with broadband data (WCDMA).

◎How to get the service

  1. Dial 747 from your cell phone, and follow the voice prompts to activate the service.
  2. 1 day Pass, 3 day Pass and 5 day Pass service plans are offered. Costs incurred for using the service after the request for service has been successfully processed will be immediately and automatically deducted from the prepaid amount. The service will be valid for the duration purchased.
  3. Once purchased, no refund is possible.

◎How to use the service

  1. Consult the user’s manual for your 3G handset or data card if you’re using a software provided by the hardware vendor for making the connection
  2. Setting
    R APN :viboone (note the lowercase)
    R account、password:needless
    R GPRS dial number : *99#

Internet Access-1 Day Pass NT$99 / 24 continuous Hours
Internet Access-10 Day Pass NT$249/ 240 continuous Hours
Internet Access-5 Day Pass NT$399 / 120 continuous Hours,.html

Geez, those are rip-off rates. I have a Vibo unlimited mobile/internet contract for 666nt per month (yes, I have a demonic phone bill). Get a monthly service contract if you can.

It’s funny that 10 days are cheaper than 5 days…
Their English website is a mess, so hard to tell what is right and what is not

I only use to chat. It takes about 100Kb. What is the pass not fee day, month. Only take fee when use internet. Thanks.

On pre-pay there’s no monthly option, what is listed above is what they offer.