How to setup port forwarding for Seednet-provided DSL modem?

I’m helping a friend setting up port forwarding.(port 5001 for Slingbox)

The DSL modem is provided by Seednet in Taipei. It’s the Alcatel Speedtouch 340.
There’s one phoneline input and one ethernet output.

How do I get into the configuration page of this modem? Also, is this DSL modem
also acting as a router?


It doesn’t sound like it’s anything more than a modem.

I’d suggest picking up a cheap 4-port broadband router and sticking that on the end. I use a Broad Lanner BRL-04AR which cost something like NT$2,000 and has worked just fine for going on three years.

You’ll be able to do your modem configuration (eg login, password, DHCP / IP setting etc) on that, and it will just use the modem to dial.