How to setup the avatar

OK, dumb question i know, but have tried and failed to get the site to use my avatar, how have you guys managed to do it. I have the picture on my local hard drive.

It won’t be able to access the gif from your hard drive. You need to put the image on a host server that allows you to link to it (not Yahoo, Geocities, etc.) and link from there.

You’ll need to have your avatar on the web.

Easy way is to look around for an avatar (try google). When you’ve found one you like, right-click on it and click on properties. Copy the location and paste it in the avatar control panel here on segue.

If you want to use one that you have local, you have to upload it first, and then paste the link to it here.

What I want to know is, where did you learn to dance like that ? Did you get someone to video you slipping on ice ?

No, but the vid was shot just seconds after I’d toked down a bit hit of ice :wink:

Sandman, thanks for the tips. BTW, where did you get your latest edition, or what software are you using to generate it.

Hmmm…All these animated gifs are over the official file size limit of 6 kilobytes - including mine.

Maybe they’ll slow the site down eventually.

Animated GIF files (like all gif files) have the option of setting one of the pallette colors to transparent. Thus if you have a non-rectangular shape (like alien’s lave lamp for example), you can edit that GIF file using commercial software to make the background (black in alien’s case) dissappear. She could therefore have her lava lamp appear as if it were resting on the BBS background (like my bed here), as opposed to resting on a black square.
But to do this neat stuff, someone has to offer us some server space to upload images to, and to link to.
Any charitable person with a reliable server have a few MB of space to offer?

same for sandman … he’s got the same problem, but with a white background …

Not a problem for me – I will ONLY dance against a white background. Anything else and I would be unable to feel the vibe.

Yes but what the hell is an avator and is it in any way related to an abbatoir and if not how do I use it ? How come Sandman has got Scatman John dancing about under his name ? I did a search on Avatar and Scatman on google and well the results were appalling. (I am still cleaning the beer off my screen)