How to ship overseas

Hi, I have to send a aprox 3kg package back home (New Zealand) and am having trouble working out how best to do so.
Any advice would be much appreciated

Depending on its value (if it’s not too expensive), I’d say go to the post office and send an international EMS package. Post beats everything in terms of price for small packages.

If it’s really valuable and you want to make sure it doesn’t get “lost”, just ask FedEx, UPS or DHL… they’re serious people and your package will be in NZ in less than a week. They’re more expensive, though.


Just bumping this. We have three medium sized boxes, but they are heavy…pictures and such.

Not looking for dirt cheap shipping, but would prefer not spending all my meetngreetflobbers beer money.



I think you can send packages up to 20kg from the post office. Other than that it’s up to the usual suspects like DHL, UPS, etc.
I never had problems with EMS aside from being slow sometimes. One package sent with DHL arrived bent and the item in got side rendered unusable.


We decided to get ahead of the sorting and throw out a ton of pictures here and keep the best of the best and I should be able to fit them into my two check in bags.

But thanks again!