How to stay poor in Taiwan

1.) $1,000 bets on backgammon games.

2.) Getting greased at the bars instead of before going to the bars.

3.) Your third digital camera.

4.) Girl/boyfriends who don’t work.

5.) Working under 30 hours a week.

6.) Eating at “foreign” restaurants more than once a week.

7.) Paying for action rather than having a free source.

8.) An unreliable source of transportation.

9.) Use of an ATM card anytime after 10pm.

10.) Lending money to other people for reasons #1-8.

Hey, there’s another angle. Instead of these get rich threads why not have a stay poor thread. Yeah, I see where you’re heading.

I don’t get number nine though.

I don’t do any of numbers 1-10, although, from what you say, the rub and tug sounds like a happening place. :wink:

Depends on how good you are. :slight_smile:

NOte: Only half of these apply to me.

Going home every year so not to waste the return leg of your ticket. (i.e. spending major dosh to avoid losing peanuts)

Drinking imported brews.

Getting pissed 347 days a year.

Having a cheese fetish.

Moving from a country that has decent public libraries to Taiwan.

Prefering to live alone in a three-bedroom apartment.

Blowing your savings on schoolgirl uniforms.

Having a weakness for the weed.

make $30,000 a month and spend it like there is not tomorrow by doing

  • take a taxi everywhere you go
  • buy beers for others at the bars/ clubs
  • eat at fancy restaurant everyday, every meals
  • be generous and give $$ to beggers on the street.

Glad I’m not the only one. Got any pics?

Work at a local firm.

Having a big family.

Drinking a bottle of vodka a day.

Wasting money on bar girls.

Buying an imported old car.

Living in a palace.

Keeping the electric heaters/aircons on all the time.

Maybe I’m missing something here. Why is it bad to use an ATM card after 10?

Fees for withdrawing cash.

Maybe I’m missing something here. Why is it bad to use an ATM card after 10?[/quote]

Why do most foreigners draw money after 10pm…a’drinkin’ and a’whoring :wink: And usually one is half greased when taking out money that late…“Yeah, sure…I think another $10,000NT will tide us over until the morning…hic…”.

or…after 10 pm you are either drunk stoned, tripping or a combination of all three therefore a money machine becomes a magical spring issuing free readies for enhanced debauchery

bugger durin’s beat me to the punch on that one…

No worries, it shows that you are on your toes. :smiley:

Bitching that English Teaching is not a real job while watching all those losers cream the big bucks during the prime earning years of your life.

I don’t do any of thoe things y’all’ve listed except for:

[quote]Moving from a country that has decent public libraries to Taiwan.[/quote] (not that I buy many books)


but we still manage to stay poor on a combined income of about 100K a month.


I would say that we would need at least NT$140k plus a month in combined income before we would be able to build some decent savings up.

But well, that will come…

My wife assigns me $4,000NT a month for my expenses. :cry:


So you are in the “wife takes care of the money” boat.

My wife has suggested it, as she claims that it’s normal here. My reply has always been shall we say clear and not leaving any doubt in her mind as to my attitude toward the issue.

As a matter of fact, every time she buys something we can’t afford, I suggest that she gives her income to me for safe keeping. I will then make sure that things are paid. She is not too happy about this, even though I think and state that I could do a better job than she does. (You want new shoes!!! You got a pair 2 years ago! You should have your head examined!)

Seriously, one intercultural problem I have encountered is that she will buy something major for the house, such as furniture etc. and not even ask me beforehand, even though we have an agreement stating that we have to agree.

When I moan about it, she then replies that if she asked me I would not agree. “Exactly my dear, that’s why we have this agreement” is my usual answer.

Mr. He,

One of the best things that ever happened to me was having the Mrs. take care of my money.

Some more to add to the list:

  1. Living in Taipei City (instead of Taipei County)
  2. Buying all your basics at 7-11, Jason’s, etc. etc.
  3. Calling people’s cell phones and talking for a long time (instead of calling their land lines, or using a company phone to make the call)
  4. Not paying credit card bills on time (that includes maxing it out too)
  5. Purchasing full-priced books at places like Eslite
  6. Lots of international phone calls back to ___________ (fill in blank)