How to take advantage of strong TWD

TWD is really strong against USD this year. Curious what are people doing to take advantage of this situation? Transfer more money home, investment etc?

Buy Canadian Dollars and cash out when oil prices go up again.

Pork futures. Go long.


But I want pork today.


I bought some USD stocks and exchanged some cash into Euros. The best investment was keeping it in TWD and buying TSMC stock though.


Buy more TWD. I keep saying it on this forum and people think I’m crazy. The only risk is possible clashes with China. If you think that’s managable then economy wise there is nothing to worry about. TWD will keep going up and up.

Diversification is not a bad idea though. Personally I would go for USD/investment in US.

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How do I buy more? I only have TWD. TSMC stock seems to be the way forward. My own company is launching a stock buyin scheme where they match our contributions one to one. Just wish our stock had some upside.

Yep you can just put it to work by investing in liquid assets.

Do you mean buy more beer? Cause that’d work. :rofl:


Miller light, a steal now that the US dollar is low. :popcorn: Oh, wait … shipping prices are up.

A strong currency hurts exports. Taiwan is an export-driven economy.

It’s not been hurting exports.

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31>29 that big a change?

Maybe with the US tech stock sell off, flight to quality into the end of the year will boost the USD short-term.

I’ve been ordering lots of bar equipment on Amazon.

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I think it sucks that TWD chooses be strong when we can’t even go abroad :roll:

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You can “go broad” anytime you like. I do it all the time. :wink:


For US citizen, I think there is a lot of tax issue buying stock in TW?

I don’t know

If your foreign brokerage account ever exceeds $10,000 in value at any time during the year, you’d need to file a FinCEN Form 114.

And then there’s the issue of your US tax liability. You’ll obviously need to keep track of your gains and losses to calculate this. Where it can get a bit messy is if you have local tax liability. Since you probably want to avoid double taxation, you’ll need to make sure you do what’s necessary to avail yourself of tax credits for any local taxes paid.

Unless you plan to invest a ton of money or have some unique advantage that makes it worthwhile to trade on the Taiwan exchange, which is much smaller and has less trading volume, I’m not sure it’s worth it. TSMC has a US-traded ADR and there’s a TW ETF.

My understanding is that locals usually look to open accounts in the US so that they can trade the US markets.