How to take this iconic photo (motorcycle waterfall)?


This one:

I have seen it in many shapes and forms. Gifs are the best. Interestingly, a few days ago the boss asked me to use this image -the motorcycle waterfall- to illustrate an article and I discovered we do not have it in our archives. No one at the office has ever taken this happening, though it happens every day and it is truly an ubiquitous media shot.

It is like the ubiquitous shot of Taipei 101 from Elephant mountain. Yes, everyone has the same image from the same angle. Yet, I cannot begin to stress how useful it is and how popular/recognizable. Any article with that image on it becomes an instant Internet hit.

So I am thinking either hauling one of our staff photographers or myself and try to get a similar shot. My question is what time of the day would be better? Morning or afternoon rush? Has anyone tried a night shot? Must be pretty cool. Summer is definetively it, especially lately with not a cloud in sight.



A couple weeks ago some mutt was standing on the overhead walkway, taking a picture of a huge knot of scooter traffic during rush hour waiting for a light at the Yonghe-Zhonghe line.

@Rocket was right about in the center of it and I flipped him the bird.
I wonder how long before he spots it.


A good 400 mm zoom lens and then crop into the shot would be safest. Or just run in front with a 50 mm lens.


I have afternoon shots. Intending to go back in the morning when the sun is coming from the east lighting up the group front the front, instead of afternoon when sun is overhead or behind the group. And less shadows.

Could try late morning rush hour.


I have several shots of foreign students where I the least I have had to edit are the flipping of the bird. :noway:


Oh that is for the professional photographer to decide. I usually just walk in front, take the shot and scram.


And stand right here, well on the sidewalk right here. It’s closer than it looks, and direct shot.


Right, I’ll have a crack.


here are the details from


Minchuan West Road and Yenping N Rd. (East side of Taipei Bridge)
Weekday mornings around 8:30 is best.



They call it the scooter waterfall. I find that name poetic, love it.


Nice photo. From “where” was it taken? The scooters seem to be coming directly at the photographer.


The entire thread is literally a discussion of “from where was it taken”. :wall::wall::wall:


…you have no frame of reference here, Donny, You’re like a child who wanders in in the middle of a movie!!


I am the Walrus?


by where i mean exactly where. not general area.


The picture above is a Google map link.


I saw that but it seems so far away and at an angle - in the original photo people are coming straight at you.


Long lens? heck if I or any salaried photographer is gonna stand in the middle of Taipei’s rush hour traffic!

Did that once for a piece about the volunteer taxi drivers who direct traffic at rush hour. Not anymore.