How to take this iconic photo (motorcycle waterfall)?


Well that’s what a zoom lens does for you. In this photo for example I’m not actually sitting on a park bench chatting to Larry the Lizard. I’m 15 meters away outside a zoo enclosure.




So, it looked like there were about 10 people there to get the shot at 8:30.

I was the guy wagging his head.


It’s like this shot down the road from my house. On a good night they’re queuing up with their tripods.


Please do not show that one to my boss or I’ll be there too.


Very nice Japanese restaurant on the right there. Cute chefs.


Cute you say? :howyoudoin:

There is one all you can eat on Wuxing street I went to years ago…would like to go back.


Where is the gif?


Not the same place I think. But same idea.


More like a conveyor belt than a waterfall…


More typical image.


Recently all photography pages on Taiwanese FB are flooded with:

A) that goddamn pic of the 101 from that small alley

B) the god forsaken photos of the newly painted houses in keelong, all from the same spot and +100 saturation

C) the unholy swirly building of doom in Taipei with trees on it, through which it’s possible to see the 101

It’s like a never-ending deja vu. Every day i open facebook i feel like I’m in groundhog day…please make it stop.


I’ve seen this video circulating on FB the last couple of years and was wondering where exactly in Taiwan is this place. Any ideas? That scooter waterfall is a sight to behold!


It’s like the Fujifilm FB group. The fucking Gaomei wetlands, Jiufen nightscapes, Iceland and the northern lights (these must be seriously rich bastards).


I think it is more on the Wanhua side where I found Bobby. He was trying to merge with traffic…uphill. But I am not sure if that part was demolished when they took the eyesore bridge to nowhere.


You guys complain about aficionados. I am really peeved about the professionals at CNA. Aside from the posed pictures, including peace sign, most images are whisky tango hotel are they trying to convey here?! I mean, news photos should be pretty straightforward. The best photos in their daily reel are not taken by them -and hence can’t be used…unless I write to the Pingyung Association of Dream Weavers or whatever and get approval. Bit hard to do when it is say The Gay Sporst Development Agency… and they are in France conmpeting -kisses kisses to them because they still replied and said yes. But if uit is something in Taipei and they still took an awful picture, that really grinds my gears.




cannot unless you jump a lotta hoops is more precise.


So far I’ve never had problems with Taiwanese. They always ask me for permission before using photos. Japan, Korea and the Philippines I’ve seen my pics published with my watermark and full credit, so they didn’t ask first but I find it ok.

Vietnam is trash, they take pics, cut them, remove the watermark and don’t even mention the photographer. I purposely took 0 pics of the Vietnamese team at the volleyball cup this week, I guess they’ll need to find them somewhere else.