How to throw out my broken microwave?

Microwave stopped working and I need to dispose of it.

Can I give it to the garbage or recycling truck?

Around how much should it cost me to get rid of it?

The lady who looks after my garbage will get rid of it for $500, I think that’s too much.

Please let me know how what to do.


It’s free.

Much like useless, unhelpful advice.


Have a drink.

Anyways, it depends on where you live and how recycling is handled. Bigger communities have a place to put all your garbage and it will be handled. If you live in a house you probably have to wait for the truck.

I threw away a mattress in Taipei by calling the city and scheduling a pickup, then left it at the curb. It’s called 大型廢棄物, and includes electrical appliances. Taipei city phone numbers here:


This is how I disposed of my broken microwave. I even asked the garbage guys first, and they told me to bring it down, which I did the next day. They put it in the back of the recycling truck.


There are junkyards… give it to them. They’ll even pay for it (maybe like 50nt but still)

There’s lots of copper, steel, etc. that can be of use.

I would take it to one of the junkyards as @Taiwan_Luthiers said and get your 50nt (the amount you get is not important). Then i would mention to the women who “looks after your garbage” that you sorted it and they paid you for it. She knows that already and is trying to pull a fast one, let her loose a little face.


Snap, I didn’t see that, that’s blatant lol. “Extract 500 NT from foreigner” seems to be some kind of benchmark here for some.

How much do you pay to the woman who looks after your garbage?

My girlfriend couldn’t believe when I took a load of copper/coaxial cable I removed from our old apartment took to the junkyard and got 80nt, her look of astonishment when I told her, I say that’s what I did at home.
Money for nothing and the cash is free!
I’m not retired by giving stuff away.

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Alternatively you could just leave it on the side of the road (if you don’t have the means to take it to a junkyard), someone will take it.

10,000 British pound fine in UK called fly tipping.
No Irish travelers in Taiwan?

Can you imagine how much cash you could make when keeping all the beer cans and sell them.