How to trade stocks in Taiwan


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I’ve picked up a few more things on sale so to speak but can’t help but wonder if this is the correction everyone was talking about

TSMC’s 3nm process will start ahead of schedule. Expect it to rally when markets open on Monday.

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Hey guys and gals,

I’ve been trading since the new year, and wow… it’s been one crazy ride. It’s more a learning / training wheels period for me then actually making money but I’m enjoying the prospects of trading/investing other then the usual noise and dips.

Interactive Brokers and Questrade should be both good, since I’ve got accounts in both brokers. IB has the best rates for near-zero commission (I still wish we had access to Webull outside of the US).

I would suggest joining a trading group or paper trading at first to get a feel of the markets, but ultimately it’snot the same as having some “skin in the game.”

If you’re going to invest in US stocks, better to open an account with a US broker. Most places, commission is free or minimal… primary cost would be the outbound wire fee but there are ways to get around this as well (HSBC has global transfer but you would need a US HSBC account to do this - and I think Citi has something similar… transfer fees for this is minimal)

Some brokers allow you to buy fractional shares as well (though I haven’t done this) which is more low-balance friendly

So I’m a total noob and want to invest in ETFs like MSCI World to buff my future pension a bit. Back in Germany you just open an online bank account, move some money into it and then buy what you want. I recon it’s not that simple here? Are there any comprehensive guides in english for trading ETF in Taiwan?

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It works the same everywhere where you got internet, including Taiwan.

I suggest you get something offshore as the local institutions interfaces I suspect suck + offerings are limited

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