How to trade stocks in Taiwan

I have recently opened a trading account in Taiwan, maybe my process could help others:

  • I first tried Taishin, but got terrible service
  • I opened my account at Fubon.
  • don’t go to a regular bank first, you have to find a Securities branch
  • it’s important to have all your paperwork ready. Passport, ID, I have an APRC, your TIN number from your home country. I also needed a letter from my local tax office. This part might differ depending from the country you are from and the different rules and regulations regarding that.
  • Most of the forms I had to sign where in Chinese. And I had to fill out these forms in Chinese. Things like my name and address I had to write by myself in Chinese. It also took a surprisingly long time. It took the whole morning for me so clear your schedule.
  • After you set up an account at the Securities Branch you have to go to a regular Fubon Bank and open a regular bank account.
  • After you get your bank account you go back to the securities and they will do the last bit of paperwork.
  • You have to download app (all in Chinese) and register.

Now I am able to trade in Taiwan the US Japan Korea Singapore Hong Kong and in Europe using the app

But they will charge you an arm and three legs for trading anything but Taiwanese stocks.

Also, are you sure about Korea? I always thought it’s pretty much impossible to trade Korean stocks without registering with the Korean financial authorities.

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Also I thought Taiwan exchange trades in 1000 share lots.

So if I want to trade less than this, is there any negatives for this?

Also I heard people said that stocks are not good long term investments because many companies stay more or less the same over decades. Those that go up significantly are almost at random, and it’s just as likely it will go to zero.

I’m not sure. I only signed a paper saying they will charge me a currency conversion fee.

Also not sure about Korea now that you mention it. Too many forms and a lot of information! My interest was only the tw market, because I use another platform for US stocks, and my Chinese is terrible, so I could have missed a few details…

You have 2 options: buy the 1000 lot, or how much money you want to spend.

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Do you have to walk inside a bank?

It took me 2.5.hours to open one too (first bank )…It’s nuts!
Just trade Taiwan stocks they overcharge for the others usually. Although I have used it to buy Chinese stocks in Hong Kong.

Fubon have a securities arm like Megabank. Probably the best choices.

Whatcha packing?

I’ve been riding SNV to 170% gains, CMA, JPM and TFSL, as well and NG plays in VLO and DTE, which is picking up now a few months b4 their spin off.

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Anyone trading US stocks? Been on a tear again after the dip in early March. I’m also up in crypto, made 93% on a VTHO swing:

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I am. But I just started a month ago, so don’t do what I do.

My stocks are almost at levels before the dip but not quite.

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Check out this Bloomberg article on UMC.

This is how they play games to buttress their profitability.
United Microelectronics Corp. is a distant second to TSMC in the market for pure custom-manufacturing of chips in almost every measure: technology, capacity, revenue, margins. But in the metric that counts the most — share returns — the company has taken the crown. Its Taipei-listed shares have jumped more than 300% over the past year, double that of its rival. Both have done even better with thei

Read more at: Playing Second Fiddle to TSMC Gets a Standing Ovation
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The TSMC Thread - #260 by OysterOmelet

I keep thinking UMC was this:

Did not know they made chips too.

Or like this:

About the 1000 shares lots - things have changed from this year if I understand correctly. You could buy single shares after market closing time (1:30pm), but since the beginning of the year, you can now buy shares in regular trading hours as well.


Turns out you can buy AUO from the United States (AUOTY).

I’ll buy 100+ shares until they’re able to mass-produce micro-LED products.

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What % of the stock market’s value is contributed by foreign institutional investors? Must be substantial, because I keep hearing 外資外資外資 in the Taiwanese media.

And damn that annoying hobo who said investing in Taiwan isn’t safe.

AUO is :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:. Went up 8% today.

Also, Answered my own question.

Holy Cow AUO lit up again. It’s gained 15% since I bought two weeks ago.

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