How to trade stocks in Taiwan

Why though?

I’m new to the stock market so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I think it’s because their panels are selling like hotcakes + they just announced it at the trade show + momentum.

Wife is seeing similar limit up gains. Just be careful. Limit downs can be very frustrating if you can’t get in line.

What the heck is a limit up?

8% up and the trading stops for the day. Same as down.

8.17% is what AUO went up yesterday, but trading didn’t stop.
Up/downlimit is now 10% in Taiwan. Years ago was 7%.


I stand corrected!

The shippers were on fire yesterday. The whole sector nearly all uplimit.
Their sector took up like 15% of NT$ turnover, which is huge for them. Evergreen above NT$75. It’s had a helluva run during COVID-19 (starting in mid-teens thereabout) as shipping rates have kept going higher.

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Yeah, that’s what the Mrs has. She keeps telling about selling EVA at 46 or so. lol I tell her I sold TSLA last March. LAST March. :runaway:

:grin: Nobody’s perfect.

I’m surprised but you were right. I obviously hadn’t kept up with all this miniLED stuff either.

This sounds like awful rubbish though.

AUO is expanding its business scope downstream to five major areas beyond the panel industry: the smart retailing, smart medical care, smart transportation, smart entertainment and smart manufacturing segments, he said.

Well I don’t look so right right now. It lost two says of gains today.

Well, in the US, Biden is signaling a raise in capital gains taxes…a significant raise. So DOW down here.

I’ll just keep my assets until a Republican is back in office and cuts them again.

The market had a tantrum and sold off today but after some thought… once people sell out what are they going to do with the money? Low yield bonds? Treasuries? Cash under the mattress? Nah it’s all going back to the market.
Its just the rich throwing their toys out of the pram. Biden didn’t even give a hoot and wait until the market closed

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If this bill actually passes, the money will probably go into the real estate market, making it even more difficult for young people to buy homes.

That’s possible, temporarily though. But I doubt hedge funds are real estate experts and will stay in the game. Those are the big boys, not us retail. Just a cost of doing business.

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Yep. That’s why this bill will serve to further concentrate wealth in the hands of the elite.

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You have to pay capital gains on real estate gains too.

The wealthy won’t be flipping houses. They’ll be using real estate as a store of wealth. And there’s all kinds of ways to get creative with the accounting.