How to trade stocks in Taiwan

MiniLED is just a stopgap for microLED.

MicroLED is the bee’s knees.

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Isn’t that the whole purpose of government?

But that’s not the bill of goods we were sold. Can I report the government to the Better Business Bureau? :thinking:

There’s only one company in this world that can make MicroLED, and that’s Playnitride (錼創).

I’d just complain to the company direct. They are running the show now anywho. Now, excuse me, I have to email Elise Stefanik to see if she needs some help responding to critical race theory. :laughing:

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Seems like lots of companies are in on the game.

Sony and Samsung already have commercial units.

They licensed the technology from Playnitride.

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USA-based eLux was established in 2016 as a spin-off from Sharp Labs of America, to commercialize a unique MicroLED production technology. A year ago we discussed the company’s technology and business with its CEO, Jong-Jan Lee.

Any company with “lux” in its name is probably Taiwanese.

eLux is a subsidiary of Sharp which is owned by Foxconn.


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AUO :rocket: :rocket: almost double when I first bought.

I’m going to be so rich.

Any buyers of lumber futures? They have risen quite a bit

Lock-in stock with copper. Copper a big play on the Great Reset and electronic vehicles.

Does anyone use a stop-loss order using a Taiwan trading app? I’m using one from Fubon, but I can’t seem to find a way to put a stop-loss order. My Taiwanese friends I asked seems to think why would I want to do that…

I’ve never used a stop-loss order, because I don’t “trade” stocks.
However, perhaps the App has a price alert function that can then prompt you to manually key in the sell.
Other non-securities firms’ Apps that allow you to follow Taiwan stocks may also have it.
三竹股市 is the best non-securities firm App. Allows for notifications of price alerts on individual stocks. Also, I’d rather follow Taiwan stocks with this App, than with a securities firm’s trading App (all their Apps look similarly), because I don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting any buttons on a trading App when I just want to follow stocks and news items.

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