How to transport my scooter across the Island

I am moving from the west coast to the east coast and need to transport my scooter. Since I don’t feel like a 6 hour ride on the scooter, what are my other options?

Wrap it in cardboard and put it on the train. You might have to take a different train but I know a few people who’ve done exactly that.

[quote=“joesax”]I used this company;
to truck my motorbike back from Taidong to Taichung. I suggest trying the train thing first then if that won’t work try this company. I had no problems with them.

Be aware, though, that your bike may not be insured for accidental damage. I didn’t find out the exact details but Taiwanese friends thought it unlikely that trucking companies would have this kind of insurance. The train may be the same.[/quote]

Anyone know who to contact about transporting via train and the associated costs?

Just go to the luggage section of any train station and ask yourself. When I went from Taizhong to Yilan, it was about $600NT, I think. And they’ll wrap it up for you.

You need to be careful about train transport. Fewer stations transport scooters than before. My gf transported her scooter back from Gaoxiong this way during CNY. We live in Yangmei, but the closest station doing scooter freight was Wanhua in Taibei. Even Taoyuan city, which had this service even very recently, had closed their scooter freight area. You may be best to look at other options, depending on where you are going and where you are sending from. Has anyone sent a scooter recently (as in the last month or so) who can update?

No idea about the train thing but you may consider to rent or borrow a Volkswagen T4. You probably have to remove the last seat row but then the scooter should fit in - unless you have one of these 250ccm scooters (would have to remove both seat rows to accommodate such a large scooter).

I did 14 hours a day for 4 days on a scooter. You can do six. Just ride it…leave early and enjoy the cool air and sparse traffic.