How to Travel from ChingShui to Tainan and Lu-Gong


I would like to travel from the city of Ching Shui by either Bus or Train to the interesting town of Tainan, and on a different day from Ching Shui to the Hot Springs of

I am not sure I am pronouncing these names correctly, I will be leaving from CHING-SHUI (Can someone tell me the actual correct name for CHING-SHUI ), which is near Taiching.

TAI-NAN is the city where they have the interesting performers in the street, balancing and walking on large Balls, and other performers throwing “Tops” etc. there’s also I think a train track where people walk along for the view.

LU-GONG, is a hot spring town, which I heard they had difficulty or problems there, and had to shut most of it down, but I heard some of the hot springs there are still open.

I do not know what Bus or Train I must take to get to these places, I do not have a car, can someone give me directions by Bus or Train. Thanks


If by Ching Shui you mean 清水 in Taichung, then there’s a small train station in Ching Shui. One way is to take a THSR commuter train from Ching Shui to the Taichung THSR station, and take a high speed train to Tainan. The other is take a normal commuter train to a bigger Taiwan Rail station, and get on an express train to Tainan.

I’m not exactly sure where Lu-Gong is… If it was shutdown due to difficulties, then it sounds like Lu-shan (廬山)? If that’s the case, then it’s in Nantou county, and is the historical Mahebo village of the Seediq people.

According to google, once you get to Taichung city there are several buses that might get you there.

The key is to get on Nantou Bus 6661, Puli - Lushan line somehow. It’s going to be a long trek with very few buses operating on the route. You might want to consider hiring a taxi for the day, or find someone to drive you there.

If you are in Ching Shui, then Guguan (谷關) is also a pretty famous hot spring destination in Central Taiwan.


I suggest you learn how to use google maps
First it can help you find the names of the cities (English and Chinese, so no confusion)
Next it can help set up your trip (car, bus, train, on foot + estimated time and budget)
Finally, you can learn about the local geography
Another website is (I use it for bicycle trips)
Good luck!

City of CHING-SHUI on Google Maps