How to unsubscribe from this forum?

Hello, id like to know what is the way to unsubscibe from this forum. Basically i want no longer let the admin (and his staff) of this forum hold my personal data like email adres and so on. Can anyone teach me how to do it in the right way please ?

I appreciate, xie xie. :slight_smile:

Impossible. Live with it. Your words are immortalized in cyberspace for eternity.

oh rly ? :roflmao: I see you’re a talented mod :bravo:

im gonna fix it my way. Ty anyway m7

Ummm why not just change your email address and other details (:

Usually forum owners do not allow users (and hence their posts) to be removed from a forum

im gonna fix it my way. [/quote]
Good luck with that! :thumbsup: Your account cannot be deleted, merely inactivated.

Typical Forumosa response.
Churlish a**holes

except mine, quickly trashed and forgotten :slight_smile:

except mine, quickly trashed and forgotten :slight_smile:[/quote]
Driving in Taipei: Remembered.

@BRB: Are you going to “be right back” after deleting your stuff or was the experience that bad?

Don’t sign in anymore and let it fade …

That’s what I was figgerin’. In six or seven years here I’ve had very little hassle I didn’t ask for. Unless it’s you
motherf-----s who are sending me all these ads for viagra and cialis…

just go to your personal settings and delete all your info - your email etc. I never got spam from forumosa. I feel left out now :fume: