How to wash hair without using mains water

Since moving to Taiwan I’ve been receding pretty bad. Not sure if it’s the water in my apt or I’m just getting to that age… :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Anyways I would like to eliminate the possibility of the shower water in my apartment being the cause.

Anyone have any methods or ideas of washing my hair without using mains water? I don’t wanna use bottled water an a bucket cos that’ll be pretttttty expensive

I hate to break it to you…but…it’s not the water. It’s your genes.


Don’t say that, let me blame the water!!

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Trust me, even dilute hydrochloric acid won’t dissolve hair or follicles. If it was, you’d be severely scarred and burned to multiple degrees and in the hospital for weeks. I’m sorry. If you want to save it and reverse some of the damage that Male Pattern Baldness the banana has caused, you need to see a specialist right away.

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I started taking Finasteride about a month ago but it seems to have made it worse actually.

Really sucks, just the last year has been a significant change for the worse :worried:

Even dry shampoo products can be bad for hair/scalp over the long term.
Accept your fate if you do not want to use water from the shower-head or not use bottled water.
Why not just get the shortest haircut (short of shaving your head) available. Get it cut like an army recruit.

Or go see a specialist before it’s too late. There 's still hope for hair. I’m serious.

You think it’s worth doing here? I know back in the U.K. or turkey they have some specialised operations to replant particles etc, but it doesn’t seem like much of a thing here.

No way, my forehead is massive, I’d look like a boiled egg

This is my opinion. I’m not losing my hair, but I know how I would feel if I lost my thick mane.

There are hair clinics EVERYWHERE here. In a country that values face so much, it’s unsurprising that such a thing would exist. Even older men dye their hair the same black of their youth to pretend they are 20 years younger.


There’s no way Former President Ma, at 70, is not doing some black magic trickery to his hair. It’s understandable. But hair services are wildly popular because of face… and honestly? It works. I wouldn’t guess he’s 70.

Find a specialist that works for you. You may need several opinions, but no, you don’t need to go bald if you don’t want to. Make an appointment or three today and get some opinions by real professionals. I know I’d be doing it on my first run.


I’ll look for some dermatologists and hair specialists, you’ve convinced me! Thanks for the advice.

Any chance you know of any in Yilan? Or you think this is a Taipei job? :pleading_face:

I’m sure there are probably specialists in Yilan Centre, but hair and glasses are the two main Taiwanese street staples I haven’t had to do. If you don’t find anything, then I guess it’s a quick 45 minute bus ride, get an opinion and pig out at Shihlin. Why not.

But you’ll know. These hair places LOVE their before/after ads.

If you have a Taiwanese spouse, bring them and they can help you. Why not. Nothing to lose but an otherwise casual day of time.

I have my own problems and I cannot waste time waiting for them. They need to be solved now. If your hair is a problem, you need to solve it ASAP.

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Thanks for the advice.
I’ll check around here, if I can’t find anything I’ll head to Taipei.

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Seems alot.of people that are balding are using a lot of product. it aint the water so much as the wasted money on hair bullshit.

People in the west and north often talk about rain causing.balding (acid rain). Healthy lifestyles and etc are probably youur best bet. Or buy a hat if you dont want to change your lifestyle.