How to watch TV off a DLP projector?

Want to get a DLP projector, mostly for watching movies and playing PS2. Most projectors don’t come with a built-in TV tuner. I want to know what I need to be able to hook up cable and use the projector to watch TV. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give me.

Just run your yellow video from your projector to the back of your TV and the run the red and white audio from the back of your tv into some computer speakers or another external audio source. Or just run the yellow video from projector to TV only - and leave the rest alone. That way, your audio will come out of your TV and video will come from your projector. Simple.

What I want to know is not about running audio/video out or in from a AV cable. Most projectors do not have a coxial (hope I spelled that right) port to directly connect your cable TV line into it like on all TV sets. Plus projectors do not come with a remote control to change channels. My question is do I need a separate TV tuner similiar to those used for turning your computer into a TV set? And do they have any LCD/DLP projectors that have built-in TV tuners already?

Take that advice with caution because often the connections on the back are inputs only (i.e. for feeding a signal into the TV).

However amos’ advice is sound if you have a TV set already that has a video output though running TV and projector at the same time may not appeal to everyone.

You need a TV tuner of some kind, e.g. a VCR, a TV tuner card for your PC or a satellite receiver etc.
Instead of the ‘yellow video’ (composite aka CVBS) you should opt for equipment that supports S-Video.

The projector should also spot component (YUV) and VGA or DVI/HDMI inputs. YUV is mostly used with DVD players while VGA is mostly used for PCs and DVI/HDMI for new(er) DVD players or PCs.

Note that the output of the source and input at the projector must be of the same type, else you need some converter (pure converters or a scaler/de-interlacer even) and good ones aren’t cheap.

None that I know of but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

My TV doesn’t have a video out. I guess in the meanwhile I can just use my VHS as a TV tuner until I can find an external one. I’ll run the audio through my stereo system. Now, choosing a mid-range DLP projector will be the difficult part. Any suggetions guys? Price range under $40000.

I am actually thinking about getting the Panasonic AE700U. It is around 60000 but a true HDTV projector. Although it is a LCD projector, but I don’t really see the big advantage of DLP to LCD. True, the brighness is a little lower, but the Panasonic seems to be a brighter than other LCD projectors. Anyway, I hope to be getting out to purchase one soon.

I didn’t realise there were TVs out there without video out. Obviously there are. Anyway, there quite a few projector threads throughout the technology section talking about prices etc. Try here ;
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and if that’s no good, try this one,

One comment about ‘true HDTV’: Any TV broadcast with a higher resolution than what’s available now (PAL, SECAM or NTSC) qualifies as HDTV though there are some “standard” resolutions specified: 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (i = interlaced, p = progressive).
The highest resolution currently specified is 1920x1080 which is only supported by very few displays (mostly LCD) - and they cost lot’s of $$$.
However the AE700U supports HDTV in the 720p format which is pretty good, especially considering the price.

Seems to receive good reviews, too:

It actually does support 1080i, but that is interpolated. Physical resolution is 1280x720, and 720p should be good enough to watch some HDTV content. Sorry if I was not last post was not exact.