How (un)bearable is humidity in Taiwan ?


Anyone else feeling extremely high humidity today?


Well…it is (still) raining.


I mean excessively humid. I can’t see myself in the mirror at work its so wet and all glass picture frames are wet.


Global warming and too much concrete, tall buildings and air conditioning makes the ambient temp even higher in the cities.


I don’t think there’s a spike in the use of concrete, tall buildings or air conditioning since the 80s.


You saying there isn’t more and more of all three of these things?


If you look at the chart, the rise in temperature from 1911 to 1960 can hardly be explained away by concrete buildings, tall buildings and air conditioning. As Taiwan was still mostly rural, and for a large chunk of that time tall buildings and air conditioning didn’t exist.

Most of the development happened during the 70s to the 90s. If tall concrete buildings and the use of air conditioning are the deciding factors in the rise of Taiwan’s temperature, then the exponential increase of those things during this period should have resulted in an equally sharp increase in temperature. However, the increase remains linear, about the same gradient as it had been from 1920 to the 60s.

So from that chart I don’t really see a strong correlation between tall concrete buildings and the use of air conditioning to the trend of the temperature’s linear annual increase.


Physically you can feel it though. Theres no breeze on a summers day in taipei. If you are walking the streets theres no relief from it, other than walking inside to an air conditioned building.

I read that adapting to hot weather basically means you will just sweat quicker. As sweating is the bodys way of keeping cool. And it flows more easily in high humidity. So while i can get used to it in a sense, its not like i can force my body to adapt. In the summers here im always gonna be an uncomfortable sweaty mess.


There’s more concrete and more tall buildings and more air conditioning meaning more heat island effect for people living in the cities and developed environment and more heat being absorbed and retained .

That anybody could say that’s not the case…hard to believe.

Of course this is obvious if one lives in the countryside as it cools down faster in the evenings and there is more wind.