How usefull is my wife's degree in America

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I’d guess she should probably do TOEFL to prove she can use English.

have her get Mandarin teacher ceritifed from Shida Univ or any other int’l recognized Univ in Taipei and she can charge $500Nt/hr teaching there, if not more at a local college.

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First of all, congrats on the smartest move you have made in your life. Your wife will appreciate that you’ve moved her out of her present suroundings, and if the day comes in which you want children, they will be eternally grateful to you for being allowed to grow up in a developed country.

I suggest that you have your wife’s degree evaluated and translated. Cost runs around $200. Then have her enroll in further study at the local college. A 2 year master’s program is a great way for her to adjust to her new environment. As an eligible non-citizen, she does qualify for financial-aid for student loans. Don’t forget to start processing your immigration papers as soon as possible for that US passport. I also suggest you don’t throw her into the job market straight away. She needs to learn even more about her new culture, environment, etc. to feel more comfortable relating to the locals. Colleges are a great place to seek part-time employment. Network with other Chinese in your town as they will be one of your greatest allies. Don’t count them out as excellent resources. Remember, they got the hell out of Taiwan/China for a better life as well and are intent on staying in their new homes far away from the crap they left behind.

My wife’s transition was pretty smooth. Sure she missed home for the first few days but now she rarely even discusses Taiwan (and certainly has no desire to return other than for a brief vacation). She has seen what the world has to offer and it is much better than what she had in Taiwan. On a funny note, when she mentioned to her folks that one day we might return to Taiwan to live, her mother asked, “why would you want to do such a thing?”