How was your ride today?


I was sorry to miss out on getting a chance to ride with you guys due to the weather, but since I rented this amazing bike from the Specialized Concept Store I didn’t want it to all go to waste. Plus, I put my rental fee store credit toward buying a rain jacket which definitely came in very handy today.

Had an enjoyable ride along the river bikeways. Due to the weather it was totally empty which made for a fun (if wet) ride for me :slight_smile:

Hopefully the weather will cooperate next time! I’d love to join you all for a ride into the mountains.


Weather was not on our side this weekend @alanalanbobalan

There was a small window of opportunity at around noon on Saturday and it seems like you got the best of it!

Thanks for sharing and hope to see you back soon!


Hello friends. I’ve made a few posts here and there for a while but mostly lurking, finally settling into Taipei now and have started an attempt to lose the 10kgs I’ve picked up over the last year or so (injury/moving back to Taiwan).

Just been doing a few zwift sessions, but once I can fit back into my lycra I shall be joining you guys :). Cheerio.


No one said lycra was necessary for riding! Temp isn’t going to stay in the mid 20s for long, make sure you get out before the summer heat rolls out.


Haha yeah, I plan to start commuting soon as an extension of my training, and will be doing some random exploratory rides around the river paths and whatnot! I don’t really know my way around still @_@.


Strava heat maps is your friend…

Start on the river and eventually make your way into the mountains. I did about 1.5 months of riverside riding when I first bought my road bike.

I made the first jump towards Jian Nan Road by the ferris wheel then up and over to Zhi Shan Road in front of the National Palace Museum. Both very good beginner hills.


Finally got my fat ass to check out some of the riverside paths tonight, namely from around Yonghe to Sanxia. Pretty well lit even towards Sanxia, but of course you will need a decent set of lights also. Had a mysterious something fly into my face, no damage done but I’ll just pretend is a leaf even though were no trees around when it hit :fearful:

Maybe the following instagram embeds will work, maybe it won’t!

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Getting lost is more than half the fun.

Getting lost in the dark. Not so fun.


And I ended up with spiderwebs all over my bike and probably me. I hate spiders :heavy_multiplication_x:


Sanxia rules. 110 and parallel roads are very nice. I’m not sure where you got spider webbed though :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed you named the hill segment by my house “wimp mountain” on Strava.


That was not my doing. I really don’t know why that’s the name.

Then again, some areas between Yang Ming Shan and the north coast have Lord of the Rings names like Minas Tirith.

The names means something to someone, but I don’t see the resemblance.

However, I’m flattered you think some of the English segment names on Strava are my doing. :smiley:


It doesn’t sound like a name a local would give. “Wimpy mountain” or “wimp mountain.” Can’t remember. Don’t know why I thought you did it. Maybe because I think you would consider it wimpy! I think it’s around 8k or so only, and doesn’t really get too hard until around the 7k mark (when I consider quitting almost every time).

There’s another riverside segment that starts from Xizhi and goes for about 10k west. Last year or so around when you went up Xiwan, it magically appeared. I thought you made that one too. Now if you named it “Wimpy Missouri flats” or something there would be no way you could deny that one.


I was away for the first part of the long weekend. Luckily, I was away while heavy rain was falling in Taipei.

Monday took me to that far far land of Beitou and it’s many random steep climbs. This one was taken at Qing Tian Temple at the top of Fuxing Third Road. Training grounds for one of the fastest locals in Taipei.

I now realize, I could’ve taken a better picture. So much going on here.

On Tuesday, we followed the theme of low mileage and high elevation. In other words, keepin’ it steep. We visited the second steepest climb around the Taipei area…

This is me hating life. The picture does not due the steepness any justice.


Is that the climb I think it is? the one that (almost) everybody got off the bike? xD


Yes, the last time I did this climb was with you almost 2 years ago. Was much quicker this time, but despite being in much better shape, wasn’t any easier.


That was tough… months ago I would have done it no problem, but now I’m totally out of shape again. Will try it some day again, I guess.


Can I talk about my U bike ride…or is my kind not accepted here.


Hmmmm… U bikes are ng, but still better than fixies…


You may not have enough time to do it, but have you considered putting up all your Taipei group rides on some blog with pics, etc. Having already done these for a few years, you’ve accumulated quite a number of posts that would get you wider readership out there, like the other few blogs in central Taiwan that post pics/stories of their rides throughout the island, and not on Facebook (as requires FB account, which some, like myself and others, do not have).
Just my 2 Chiangers’ worth.

Keep up the good work.