How was your ride today?

Amazing views! I should have ditched my meetings today and just go to Wulai too :sweat_smile:


Revenge is always sweet.

My blanket was too heavy this morning and I couldn’t wake up for a morning ride. Maybe tomorrow.


Said everyone :laughing:

Had a chance to do some big rides this weekend despite the weather being a bit chilly. I got an glimpse of what it’s like to ride in the US or Europe as it started in the single digits in the morning, but move up to very comfortable/sunny weather by the time we finish.

Good morning Taipei!

Good morning Xizhi.

Hello Wanli!


I empathize with the journalist - I had the “pleasure” of riding in Central Park (about 5km) in NYC the day after when the temperature was a balmy minus 22 celsius. Although I was completely covered in “cold” weather gear I gave up - too cold, I couldn’t feel my hands, my face was red raw and my ear lobes felt like they were dropping off. Moral of the story - cold weather gear sometimes reaches its limit. Either that or spend Winters in Taiwan


You go bro you show that poser haha


That’s a good idea. But to be true, I’ve been using the same Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle on my bike rides for around ten or twelve years and I’ve never had this problem even with metal bottle cages. I’ve only started using plastic bottle cages recently because they don’t damage the paint on the bottles.

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Metal bottles have other problems too. They’re heavier, if that’s important to you. If they fall they can be damaged easier than plastic bottles and in case you or someone else roll over them, they can cause an accident (plastic deforms).

I was able to escape from the blanket today and did a quick ride. Started at night and just finished the last leftover from Christmas hot chocolate. Already waiting for the new year batch.

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Actually, most stainless steel bottles have thin walls and are not much heavier than plastic bottles. It’s probably more a psychological thing. A 0.8l Klean Kanteen weighs in at only 212g (just googled it for fun). I’m guessing a 0.8l plastic bottle will be lighter by only 100g. You can simply offset the weight difference by filling in 100ml less water while enjoying all the benefits of an indefinitely reusable steel bottle.

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Aren’t there more slippery too? I’ve never used metal bottles for cycling. I’m wondering how grippy are they with sweaty fingers or winter gloves.

Also, I wouldn’t have a good feeling if the bottle hits the frame.

I’ve never had a problem with the grip. As for protecting the frame, you need to make sure the bottle doesn’t contact the frame while it sits in the bottle cage and that it fits smugly. Again I highly recommend them (and sorry for being off-topic).


Cannot squeeze metal bottles, plastic bottles hold up for several years too, I doubt the metal ones are more sustainable in the long run - few people really use them over 10-20 years…

I mean, you can still drink out of bottles without squeezing them. :laughing:


I already struggle with the flow of plastic bottles, another thing I like about waterpacks, so I don’t think I would like a metal one in this regard.

When going fast it’s hard enough to find some seconds to drink from a plastic bottle. If you fall out of the slipstream it’s usually over on group rides or races respectively it takes awful lot of power to close the gap again. It’s rare that a group ride is at less than 40km/h on decent roads in the flat. Usually more around 45 …

I mean, I understand getting dropped sucks, but water is…life. :laughing:

First bike ride 2023
Warm day my winter cycling kit maybe be dumped I get to hot.
Close encounter with a taxi after sudden wind gust caught me unaware.


Same as me yesterday. I knew I was overdressing but I didn’t wash my winter jacket and wanted to give it another use. I had to stay out of the mountains to not overcook myself.


Walk up the steep concrete road

Nice good order smart apartments ShenFeng

Pollution looking low today


And to think that sometimes I say that Taiwan is beautiful.


I sometimes have nightmares about that road.