How was your ride today?

Took one from the Greater Taipei route thread? :wink:

If you’re riding back on the No.9 anytime after noon, it does get a bit crazy. There’s only a handful of times of the year that I ride that road, CNY and long weekends. My theory is some people tend to leave the area, which results in less traffic.

A good one to cross of the list though. Great job logging your longest ride (and most elevation gain?).


I didn’t get that particular route from that thread, but I probably should have as you mention to avoid the weekends :grin: and you suggest doing it in the opposite direction and with a group!

Perhaps ~6:00-7:30am is peak time or Xindian to Toucheng has more traffic, but it was insanity. There were at least 8 photographers perched throughout the road so maybe someone captured my ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

I’ve done the Buddha hand so I think that one had the most elevation for me, but this one was stressful in a different way. Live and learn!


If there’s ever a sportive along the 9 with police patrolling the road here and there, please let me know. Otherwise: no, thank you.

But I want to ride the 7 to Yilan.

Number 9 is mostly fine, but yeah, there are accidents due to cunts. Not sure how the situation is now, but there have been cops on and off patrolling the road for preventing motorcycle races… I hope they also did the same with cabbage trucks (I mean stopping them from being assholes, not patrolling in trucks). Maybe you’re lucky and it’s fine. Actually I did part of it recently and didn’t see anything terrible on the road.

Keyword to look for in the album 北宜. Sometimes the photographers snap pics of everyone who goes by. Sometimes, they only do motorcycles. Sometimes, they only do cars. Luck of the draw. Good luck on your search.

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This looks crazy to me. Or, at least, looks like a place I don’t want to cycle.


These semi-blind corners (at that speed) is where you get to hear good or bad disc brakes. Luckily none of them are on rim brakes :laughing:

Wait for the motorcycle and you can imagine him having a cyclist for lunch.

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It looks worse than what it is in real life but yeah that shouldn’t happen.

Today’s the second birthday of my bike. I gifted it to myself for father’s day (19 March in Spain). I don’t know if she liked the ride today. Very wet in high altitude and the steepest descend I’ve ever done in a road. I’m not going to climb that road.


All that nice flat ground around and you go for the heart busting climbs? Crazy.

They’re like a magnet

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