How was your ride today?


Ta. My mistake - knew there was a better place… :stuck_out_tongue:


I got you covered! :smiley:

That’s what I’m here for.

Drop bars, flat bars and butterfly bars

Yesterday I went to ride in GuangYingShan (again!) and wanted to climb it by one of the roads starting near BaLi. I manged to take one of the steepest roads I’ve ever seen in Taiwan, which fucked me to the point that I was breathing like a dying haunted beast, and eventually I had to get off the bike. Each pedal stroke was lifting the front wheel and the descent wasn’t better as my left hand was having cramps due to the continuous braking (and well, I have a problem in a finger…).

When I took the normal road up to the visitor center, I was slow but felt much much better…

Bonus: I had to stop to say hi to this lady;


I told myself I was only going to do a quick 30K run up Zhong She community and then roll back down to go home. I ended up heading up to Leng Shui Keng with the guys. Roads were surprisingly clear despite it being a day after the typhoon.

We decided to take the scenic route and roll down the infamous Yong Gong Road and it’s 5 stingers. A 10 minute descent turned into a 20 minute photo shoot…


Classic. Great piece of tarmac also.


My boy (15 yo) and 1 classmate (2 at the start, but one gave up mid way)
just finished his second Tour of Taiwan by bicycle.
Despite / thanks to the typhoons, they finished in 13 days.
He has so much potential.
Keep posting your rides in central Taiwan! Wish he can join you!

Drop bars, flat bars and butterfly bars

How was my ride today?
Well, actually yesterday … Something like ur photo shoot above… But ending a bit more serious :sob::sob:

First serious bike-encounter with the Taiwanese pavement in 20 years, so I guess statistically I am still on the good side …
Luckily nothing broken, but the most painful I ever encountered from everything I have broken and fractured in my life.

Drop bars, flat bars and butterfly bars

Sorry to see that, I’ve always heard collar bone injuries are some of the most painful in the whole body.

How’s the accident go down?


Ooops! I hope you’re well… yesterday I also went to the ground, second time in a bridge under the rain in less than 2 months. This time there was a patch that was repainted with paint not designed for bikepaths… zero adherence if wet. I was seriously considering to sue somebody, but then I thought that it would get nowhere (“please walk your bike”)… motherfuckers…

so what happened to you?


Damn that sucks, hope you get well soon! I’m scared of looking at collarbone x-rays nowadays…


It is (or actually was) a dislocated shoulder, bones around it are fine.

As said, by far the most painful experience I ever had, and that includes quite some … I am still not sure if I got full anastatia before they pulled the shoulder back, or if I just passed out once I left the X-ray room. :frowning_face:

I was on an early morning YMS downhill when a dog rushed on the road, not chasing me, maybe just his own shadow.
I saw him coming, braked off most off the speed, but still went over the handlebar when I hit him.
I landed breast forward, and felt the shoulder snapping upon impact, all very clear.

Bad thing is that I was fully conscience of my situation, but hardly could do anything because of the pain, just laying on the pavement.

A passing scooter guy called 119.
Heads-up for him, he stayed the full time till the police and later the ambulance arrived.
Trying to trace him as he deserves a cold 6pack for sure.


That’s exactly why I try to avoid riding in the rain, but I guess that is a luxery problem.


Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had any problem yesterday if they had used the right paint.

A fight against Strava's fake riders

Oof, I’m glad your okay. Wishing you a swift recovery my friend.

I have a very wild guess that your accident happened on Dào xiāng Rd. The road that cuts from Fuxing Gang MRT over to the 101.


yeah, u are off course right, but then it is a missing cover, a slippery patch, a flooded crack in the pavement, or whatever else.
Maybe the age, but I just leave it to others those days … :slight_smile:


I rode it to the office, it wasn’t an adventurous ride into The Wet :stuck_out_tongue:


Nop, it was on ‘my’ side of the mountain, just up the T where the 101 spits and goes up YMS.

Ever seen an angry wife?
I just did some small (one arm) work on the bike, thinking she was out.
Well, she was not, and I was almost hit an other dislocated shoulder, if not worse :smile: .


Hm, I pass by that part pretty often, don’t ever see any dogs.

Any who, best lay low for the time being. Don’t touch your bikes, don’t talk about bikes don’t even look at them.

Last few times I got injured, I was physically ready to ride, but I had to pass the gf level. It’s never an easy level to pass. :smiley:


Had a great ride with @ranlee and his OBG crew this morning.

Getting back into the sport after six years away, we went up Feng Gui Zui which was my first climb on the bike I bought two weeks back. She climbs nice, real nice. My legs… not so much.

A glorious morning and very enjoyable indeed. Good coffee at the top. Then down the descent to Neihu on the other side, which after six years off the bike just felt So. Damn. Long. Snuck a cheeky Pocali Sweato at a 7-11 on Nanjing West Road and got recognized via LINE by the guy who sold me my bike… I guess the white guy in yellow kit cruising past Zhongshan Station sticks out a bit.


My ride was 2 things, mainly: hot, and windy (a lot of head wind, no matter the direction).

Trying to fix the .fit file now… Strava says that it has some error :frowning: