How was your ride today?



This is definitely not in Taiwan.


Thanks Sherlock.


Don’t thank me, thank my keen deductive skills. :face_with_monocle:


Very cool. Beautiful place. Peugeot on the ferry with Ben and Jerry.


I would be jealous of that clear blue sky you got there on the ride, but Taipei is looking quite the same today…right now.


Yeah, there were some semi sunny moments here but the weather is not what I wanted. It’s a bit cloudy and well, the Cantabric sea is cold at this time of the year.

I want to adjust my bike and ride it in Taipei area soon!


I’m would bet my bottom dollar you do more mileage on rental/loaner bikes than your TCR in Taipei.


You can check Strava and see how wrong you are. I’ve added the other bike I own AND another two I’ve used on vacations.


You’ve already done the math. Why not share? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle:



Distance in kilometers. Now, you might be wondering what marvellous machine would “Captain Stag Zillion III Ferrum material” be, and it’s a fair question for it’s Japanese art sold only locally, AFAIK. Yeah, sorry guys, but you can’t just go to your bicycle shop and ask for a “Captain Stag Zillion III Ferrum material”. I don’t even think that you could find the Zillion I or II in Taiwan. It’s not that easy. You need to go to Japan and spend some time researching the local market.

Anyway, THIS is the racing machine with long name:


I want one of those just for the badass name alone.


It’s not easy to fit the name in only two tubes.



Oh sh…, Santander right?
Part of my heart is still there … from 30 years ago … :heart_eyes:


Haha. I own this road


Yeah, Santander. Why is your heart there? long, blond hair?


That was excellent!


I want to install airsoft guns on both my motorcycle and bicycle. Although my real dream is to carry with me a bunch of hand granades… too many things to take care of.


This past weekend @okonomiyaki and I visited Dong Yan Shan or East Eye Mountain. Having had more than a few drinks in me from the night before, oko was doubtful I would even show up at 6:30AM. To his surprise, I was (a bit late), but was not hung over and ready to go. Ride or die bro!

As we were heading to the beginning of our first peak, oko mentioned that he had one of the first posts on this thread and found it interesting how he disappeared after awhile and then found his way back to Taiwan and back to this thread.

Our first peak towards 李山神宮 allowed us to cut straight to the DYS bridge instead of looping over to the 7 and back. Despite the entrance being guarded by a few strays, we quickly rolled passed them and found ourselves on a very quiet and we paved road that didn’t really let up. We passed a few cyclists and also got passed by a few guys going hard before getting to the top.

When we started descending, we saw that our intended route back home was a doozy. Oko wanted to try it, but I said, let’s make a decision after we’ve descended down from DYS. Legs feel fine now, but we still got 800-900m of climbing to go.

We stopped for a quick water and food break and headed up to DYS. It was our first time up this road and we couldn’t believe how empty the roads were except for cyclists going up and down. We were a bit too early to assume there’d be no cars because once we turned onto the last 3-4km to the DYS national park gate, there was lots of tour buses and cars that greeted us.

We saw a few familiar faces, chatted real quick, took some pics and decided to go back the same way we came.

When we got back to the DYS bridge, we agreed to take the quicker route in heading to Sanxia and hooking onto the riverside instead of heading back towards Xindian via the 110.

All in all, what I thought would be a relaxing long ride turned out to be pretty exhausting. I know I won’t miss this heat and waking up at 5AM to get to meet ups once the weather cools down in 3 months.


To the guy I met today on the road from Tamsui to Sanzhe … I envy your bike, as old as it is … :slight_smile:.