How was your ride today?


Sure… setyour @ alarmclock .c0m


Nice, not hot, weather for an early afternoon ride in north Kaohsiung.

(who doesn’t like trains?)

(always tons of ships offshore)

(looking south towards downtown and 鼓山)

(looking north towards south Tainan)

Riding north of the city is nice.
Almost no traffic on side roads near the Strait.


Amazing out there


Overlooking harbor

Looking north to the Art Museum area, or Kaohsiung’s version of Taipei’s Hsinyi district.

Kaohsiung weather nice yesterday.
Slight breeze, temperature quite okay, not insufferable.
The traffic here is okay, much much less than expected. Makes for a very enjoyable ride in the city.


Nice, it’s killer hot in Taipei right now.


Wow, it’s been awhile since I visited this thread. Work has been crazy and been a bit behind on reading the threads.

Two weekends ago @okonomiyaki @Liub and I went out for a spin with a friend I met with another friend I’d met a few years back.

We decided to do a simple 1.5 peaks to the new 106 clubhouse on…the 106 near Shenkeng old street. I heard that it’s one of the first shipping container made bike shops in Taipei and had a coffee shop too.

The fun part was the final .5 peak to coffee where on Google, it was a thick white road… But turns out it was narrow and steep back road.

Lets just say @Liub will never trust me when I day “coffee” ride…ever again.

The clubhouse is cool, but no indoor seating if you want AC. Plenty of tables out back and on top of the containers though.

106 Clubhouse
No. 15之1號, Section 3, Wenshan Road, Shenkeng District, New Taipei City, 222
02 8662 6898


We speak a different language.


Pre-typhoon goodness.


I forgot that there was a relationship between blue skies and typhoons.


And no wind. Zero. Get out there, even a bike path ride. It’s just fantastic (well, it seems really hot now but I mean in the morning or evening).


Yeah, I know… but I have a job!

I was kinda hot this morning, I mean, I could feel the sun on my skin and that made me think of Summer time. And I usually consider Summer most of the year here haha.

I’d love to spend today in the beach, but it’s not possible.


I was up at 5 am. Didn’t set the alarm. I have a six-year-old and so our whole house has kind of adjusted to his early sleep schedule. I was at the office before 9 am. About 700m elevation today before work. Kind of tired, though, now.


I woke up at 8. the alarm started to sound at 7:30. These days I go to sleep too late, with this feeling of life passing by without doing shit.

I need a girlfriend, get married, produce some children and then die of a heart attack before it gets even worse.


I see exercise as a very good remedy for everything you’re describing (well, maybe not getting the girlfriend part). It will get your butt out of bed and improve your mood (scientifically, this second part has been proven). And with the right mountain, you could even get that heart attack you’re after.


I agree with the last part haha.

Actually I sometimes do “long” weekend and after work rides, but I just seem to have too many things to do and be too tired for getting on the saddle! Well, that and some strange feeling on my Achilles tendon in the morning… and not only that one. My legs are a bit painful and stiff just when I’m about to wake up in the morning. And then my ears, I can’t stand wind noise anymore. I stop here xD


My ride today? A 36 minute climb of Shihmen Mountain for a lovely view of the reservoir.
btw, I am back in lovely island after an absence of one year. Things look pretty much as I left them. Living in the Longtan district near Shihmen Mountain so I expect to climb it often. The descent is fun although brief. The best thing about it is the quality of the road surface: very good! Sometimes I go over the top and down the other side coming out on the highway by Guanxi high school. The round trip to Longtan is about 25k. Traffic is negligible during the week. Even the w/e is not bad.


Nice view. Is the road surface good on both approaches, or just the Longtan side?


Both. The Guanxi side looks like this: see pix below.


Didn’t go out because I thought it was gonig to rain (well, and I did see rain from the window!)


I just found this thread. I want that tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I never forget it