How was your ride today?


That’s a lot of wording to tattoo on the inside of your eyelids.



So, Dayuling is basically the parking lot at the east end of the tunnel atop the climb from Lishan, at the junction of Hwy 8 and Hwy 14~ (or whatever that squiggle means) Hehuanshan Road to Wuling and Cing Jing farm to the south, and is in Hualien County (just) and is 3275m…
Wuling is a bit further south, say 7km, on Hwy 14 squiggle, is 200m higher and just over the border in Nantou County.
At last Google maps has named both of them, and in English!

[The hurt locker is to the right :slight_smile: depending on which way you are going. ]


Thanks for the tip. I rode up there this morning, from Guanxi. Steeper than I was expecting, but decent view of the reservoir.
Ridden around the reservoir many times, but I’d never tried this road before.


Race with the setting sun. I lost.




It was…until about halfway down and the street lights weren’t coming on. Still very happy I squeezed that ride in. But it looks like I need some lights on my bike.


That’s why I don’t do it, I know I’d lose for sure.


If you do, think of this song. It helps.


That’s a nice song. I’ll probably try to do an “early” ride on Saturday. It’s hard to wake up so early but I know it’s worth it. I think I’ll be ready to go out at 8 or so.


Ride today in Longtan district of Taoyuan Cty.
My enthusiasm for cycling in Taiwan is unabated. It’s not always about the high mountain passes and spectacular views of jungle clad slopes and distant rivers. This shot of the canal nr. Jinlong road in longtan was taken by a new friend Sky Lee who is on day 492 of his cycle tour of Taiwan. That’s his bike in the pic. I passed by this spot myself en route from Shihmen to Longtan lake.

my pic of this route from a vantage point closer to the lake is below:


Day 492 of his cycle tour of Taiwan!


Often cycling up to an impressive 100 m per day. Easy does it!

and to think, once i did it in 7 days. what was I thinking?


Yes, urodacus, me too, and I wonder what I missed in those 7 days.

Cycling ain’t always a race, but is always a lifestyle.
Sky Lee is not in a hurry
You can follow him on facebook, 819 people do.
He spent 3 months in Kenting at one point so it is a “Tour Interrupted”
or, a tour with interruptions.
a very nice man.


Not in TW, but I had my first day back on a real bike after months off. Very nice scenery.

I’m a whore for alloy frames


Aren’t you going to tell us where? :smiley:


Ha. Oops. Near Ubud, Bali.


Das, That’s great. I rode around Bali, 500km, last July. Loved it. Did not go across island, hence missed Ubud though. Those roads are steep! Good for you, man!


Thank you @mathpro for all your posts. Glad everyone is getting along and sharing rides!

Been every where the past few months.

Went over to @IbisWtf land and to Tai Ping Shan. The road from Yilan City towards there is kind of like Taroko, where you are riding right under a huge cliff. We saw a lot of rocks on the road, but that didn’t really lessen our spirits.

What’s awesome about Taipingshan is that it is 30C at the bottom, but when I started my descent from the top, I had to put on a vest and it was August! I would definitely recommend it if you guys wanted to get away from the heat for the summer.

A few weeks ago I did another test of my ability by putting myself through the grueling Yang Ming Shan 3peaks route. @marasan time to step up your training and do this one!

I had a ncie 15 min PR. Either the commuting has helped or last time I was just…shooting the wind.

Keep on riding guys and stay safe!


I’m trying my best now to get in a ride that is over 1,000m in elevation once a week. Now that we’re almost at October, that will need to get increased a bit. 3 peaks will happen. It has to if I’m serious about Wuling next year.


I’m doing the Pingxi race tomorrow. There will almost certainly be rain. Any advice? I almost never ride in the rain. And this is only my second cycling event. I’ll be doing the 58k, 1111m distance/elevation (經典藍鵲組58公里/總爬升1111公尺).