How was your ride today?


That’s a lot of wording to tattoo on the inside of your eyelids.



So, Dayuling is basically the parking lot at the east end of the tunnel atop the climb from Lishan, at the junction of Hwy 8 and Hwy 14~ (or whatever that squiggle means) Hehuanshan Road to Wuling and Cing Jing farm to the south, and is in Hualien County (just) and is 3275m…
Wuling is a bit further south, say 7km, on Hwy 14 squiggle, is 200m higher and just over the border in Nantou County.
At last Google maps has named both of them, and in English!

[The hurt locker is to the right :slight_smile: depending on which way you are going. ]


Thanks for the tip. I rode up there this morning, from Guanxi. Steeper than I was expecting, but decent view of the reservoir.
Ridden around the reservoir many times, but I’d never tried this road before.