How was your ride today?


Rainwear depends on the temps. If it is cooler or higher elevations, a gabba jersey is your friend, but it’s easy to overheat. I prefer a waterPROOF gilet and NoRain arm warmers, so I can tailor things. Even if you are wet, you will be much more comfortable if your core is warm. If the weather is really goofy and changeable, I just stuff a plastic bag in my pocket, big enough to put under my jersey to keep my chest warm on descents or if the weather turns foul.
Shoe covers just delay the inevitable, eventually your shoes will be soaked through. I prefer defeet thin wool socks for wet rides. I ALWAYS put some type of antifungal cream between my toes to keep comfortable, but I’m talking, like, HOURS in the rain. Also, baby rash cream on your crack and coin purse to protect from chafe.
When things REALLY start sucking, just remember that things suck the same for everyone.
Good luck!


When I rode from Lishan to Yilan it pissed after…Nanshang? That fine, fine silt was in everything and took forEVER to wash out of my kit


That’s great info. But I may just stick with my regular kit since it’s forecasted to be 26 degrees at 7 am. Overheating is not what I want. Also, I have no rain gear and very little winter gear. Let’s do this. I’m very calm because I don’t expect much. It should be a good experience more than anything. Thanks again.


Well, I raced last Saturday. I wish I could say I enjoyed every minute of it, but that wouldn’t be truthful at all! In addition to the normal nerves and waking without having had much sleep that you get with any race, there was also the weather that day, which was just horrible. It rained continuously, and at times way up there in the mountains, the rain was coming down in buckets.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t a huge crowd that day. I heard about 1,000 registered for the race but I think maybe only about 150 showed up. And for my shorter distance (58k versus the longer 73k), I think there were only about 30 participants.

Surprisingly, I seemed to hold up well in the mountains. As I imagine happens in most races, you find yourself in a group of riders that are about your skill level and you seem to stick to them for the duration. I think my group was a bit over my skill level, but that is exactly what I wanted.

Here are some interesting things I experienced and learned:

  • It was a bit chilly that day. When I came down from the first mountain, I found that I had cooled considerably and my legs weren’t responsive. It took quite a while to get warmed up again. I really need some rain gear (and some lights).
  • I found it interesting that there was a group of cyclists waiting not far from the start to race with us for free. I may consider doing that sometime in the future, especially if I miss the registration date for a race that interests me.
  • When I veered to another route for my shorter distance race, I found I was all alone for some time. Then two cyclists slowly caught up to me and passed me. I gave it everything I had to keep up with them. Again surprisingly, I managed to do just that in the second mountain. They got ahead a bit going down (I’m scared to go too fast downhill), but then I caught up with them again when things turned more flat. Then the last 15k was just an all-out affair with the three of us. It was slightly downhill and the speeds were fast. I did thoroughly enjoy this part of the race as it felt like a triathlon at this point. But then I just couldn’t keep up and they pulled ahead, ultimately getting in to the finish about two minutes before me. I came in fourth for the shorter distance. This was fake since I think only about 30 cyclists actually showed up (out of an original of about 310). I thanked the two guys at the finish line for pushing me to go way faster than I would have if I were alone.

I’m enjoying my new focus on cycling and look forward to about another year or so of this before I start again with triathlons. I think I have much to learn and I definitely need to buy more gear soon! Clear glasses, more winter gear, and definitely some kind of rain jacket to start with.

Edit: I think those two guys started the race a bit late. I’m not sure how they could have had to catch to me on the mountains (they were better cyclists than me). And I also can’t figure out how they got two minutes on me for the last 15k. I thought it would’ve been about 1 minute or less. I guess when I see the stats for the race I can check this hunch of mine (they include a starting time).

Edit 2: Yes, they started the race late. I saw it as plain as day on the Strava Flyby! Two cyclists starting late and slowly catching up to me. I stick with them for a while then they slowly pull away.


Nothing helpful to contribute but good work and keep it up!


you complain of cold legs, but it’s really hard to get good waterproofs for the legs, particularly ones that don;t disturb your pedalling or get caught on the chain… concentrate on keeping the core, and especially, the lower back and bum as warm and dry as possible. Mudguards help like nothing else to keep the water off your bum and back, but they’re heavy and not an option for some people/bikes/situations. A clip-on rear spray guard does some kind of job, even taping a cut-out from a large PET bottle will help.

a good waterproof jacket for cycling will have a long back to pull down past your bum.


How fast can you go ? ( in Knots of course ):smiley:


Yes, I think a good jacket would have helped a lot. I was chilled all over, especially with the winds heading down the first mountain. I remember looking down on my arms and I could see goosebumps. The legs were so stiff starting on that second mountain.

And that’s good advice with the mudguards. The guys in front of me had those. I remember very clearly because when I rode behind one of them, the water was spraying directly onto me and his back was spared from the spray.

Edit: Something else I just remembered. That little competition with those two guys was a really good/friendly one. At one point, the one in the back pointed out some trash in the road for me to make sure I avoided it. I was following close behind and he knew it was possible that I would see it too late to avoid it. So he swerved and at the same time pointed at the trash. I really liked that.


Need to employ the Mighty Ducks V formation for that my man.


I did go off to the side sometimes, but to be honest, the rain was coming down so hard during the race I almost didn’t even care anymore.


4th is 4th. Who cares if the others showed up or not, you were the one that braved the weather, so you deserve that win.

If you want to keep it within budget, Decathlon is your friend. However, I would spend a little more on a jacket. The 600NT Decathlon one that you can roll up and put in your back pocket does the job, but I would buy a long sleeve jacket to go along with it.

I would spend the most on arm and leg warmers. I like the Frontier stuff, a bit expensive, but can also be used for other things like running and cross training. I have a full lycra pair and also a pair with fleece lining.

Lastly, a base layer is a must, will keep you warm and dry! This does not have to be cycling specific. I have been using Under Armour ones that I bought in high school for cross country and track and field for cycling. Works fine.

Good job again! Keep up the good work! I gotta ride with you soon to see your improvement first hand!


I’ve done over 50 knots down a massive hill… but normally average 15 knots over a long ride.


Thanks for the encouragement and advice. I would like another ride together. The guys I ride with would also appreciate something new, I think.


Fold up rain/wind jacket:

Soft shell jacket:

Arm warmers/leg warmers/full gloves

Christmas is around the corner, don’t forget to ask the wife and kids for these as stocking stuffers.

How I see it is, go a bit above budget and use it for years instead of buying low quality and having to buy another set after not so much usage.


for long cold wet descents, use neoprene gloves (like those used for scuba diving). surprisingly warm and effective at keeping your hands working. nothing worse than discovering deep into a steep wet corner that you can’t actually modulate the brakes anymore.


Anyone get out today?

I slept through the dry period this morning and went out just as it started raining, but it was too late to turn around

Happy bday Taiwan!


Recovering from a cold, my first in 3-4 years. But talk about a bad one. So I was up at 5 am on 10/10. I saw the window of dryness and it killed me to miss it. Oh well, I’m now at my Wuling weight, but I’m sure I’ll gain it right back because some of this is probably water and some (sadly) muscle from sitting on my ass all last week. Can’t wait to get back out there.


The rain is driving me crazy. I was all set to head out. Some sprinkles when I first woke up but then it stopped. I literally had my bike pump nozzle next to the tire when I noticed a darkening in the sky. Stepped out on the patio and dark clouds were definitely overtaking the light clouds. I put everything away and headed to the pool. I had to run from the scooter parking to the pool entrance to avoid getting rained on too much. I really, really hope that I can get in a ride tomorrow. No ride yet this month.


A little inspiration for all you cyclists out there. Two short rides over the weekend. I lost so much ground with my cold followed by two weeks of rain.

“If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind.”


Not to rub it in, but I found out that minimal mileage through the weeks when it was raining does help when it comes to longer distances.

However, I know how you feel. I remember having a cold for a solid month, which meant I was off the bike for a few weeks. It really really sets you back.