How was your ride today?

Nice day, tons on cars in pinjing, should have taken another way down.


Went from Ruifang to Yilan via the coast and took the train back today. Perfect day!

I encountered a bunch of tunnels that said that it wasn’t allowed to ride a bike through them (which makes sense since there’s no shoulder and a bunch of big trucks going through), but I don’t understand that the alternative is? The “sidewalk” is way too narrow to walk alongside your bike, like literally impossible. I tried it on one but then just ended up gritting my teeth and riding through the rest. Is that what everyone else does?


Rode out to Xinkai in Chunri Township where there’s a Japanese Bunker/tunnel complex hidden in the ridge above the village. The ride from Daliao was pool-table flat the whole way. We poked around and saw what we could from the roadside, which included a concrete pillbox with an entrance hidden under a 4x8 foot Shinto shrine. The weather was great, and our discovery was very, very cool. Our 7am start was cool, but the sun was out and the temps were very pleasant with a Merino wool base layer.
I’m happy to share details of the location if anyone wants to check it out. Bat, snake, and spider lovers only need apply!


Yes please, not sure ever be able to do it but do my best.

It’s cherry blossom season. Avoid descending or ascending Ping Jing Street all the way through Chinese New Year, if you can.

@qinqinbaobaojugaogao I know which tunnels you’re talking about, but unless it’s a tunnel on a highway, you should be allowed to ride through, especially if there’s scooters going through. I have never noticed the no bike signs though? It’s a rule of thumb here in Taiwan that a bike can go wherever a scooter can go.

I noticed that last weekend. Lots of cars around… I really regretted riding that day.

You probably regret riding that way. Not riding that day. No one would’ve regretted being out in that weather.

I mean… yes, it is nice. But imagine being in the beach with that sun!

Oh my god, I just took a look at the sign on street view and realized I messed up big time. The full sign said “維修步道禁騎自行車”. I only looked at the “禁騎自行車” part and didn’t notice that it was only referring to the exact part I attempted to walk my bike on… Won’t be making that mistake again.

I am a day late to report my weekend ride, but what a weekend. Nobody could’ve asked for better weather.

On Saturday, a friend and I met up at the National Palace Museum 7-11 and the place was packed! Not sure if it was the good weather or just the cherry blossoms at Ping Jin Street, but we set off before the masses and the road up was quiet and weather could not have been better. We decided to head to Datun Peak as I haven’t been up there in nearly a year. With the weather still cool, it’s a good time to do the final 3km.

On Sunday, a few of us visited the pagoda behind Jiu Fen. Another place I hadn’t been in ages! Living in Song Shan all this time, I feel like Keelung is just my back yard, but I hadn’t been here for almost a year. We are just lucky to have so many different options when riding in Taipei.

I hope the weather stays this way through the CNY break.


Cycled to Tamsui wharf today and puncture on return so MRT return journey.

Feel I may be braking to hard :rofl::joy:


Maybe that’s not the problem. Was there any lady taking pictures?

Always thought this road is no good for tyres, specially the bit in front of military barracks.

Wonderful pics here, nice :ok_hand:

First time ever seeing Conti GPs being ridden to the point where the beads are that noticeable!

Perfect weather today for Fengguizu - minimal traffic and no water buffalo



How was everyone’s new year rides? Anything exciting or epic?

The cycling group I have been a part of for the past 4 years, makes a trip down to Yilan from Taipei to visit Q蛙 bubble tea stand in Jiaoxi, right next to the famous green onion pancake stand.

Aside from the perfect temperatures and beaming sun all day, we ran into a foggy Shiding/Pinglin, which resulted in the below pic. Its days like these that makes cycling in Taipei awesome. Also makes the 5AM wake ups worth it too!

For those wanting to try this route out, it’s on the No.9 from Xindian, past Ping Lin and down to Toucheng/Jiaoxi. The section from Xindian to Shiding(Helen’s Coffee) tends to have a lot of bikers, but once you get passed Pinglin towards Yilan, that volume dies down.

Most of the bikers tend to hit the mountains later in the afternoon, so if you don’t want to do a round trip, you can hit up Kamalan charter bus in Jiaoxi and take the bus back into Taipei!


or not replacing your tires about 2000 km ago?

6600 km I did on them, front still in use.

Brave. I usually swap my rear tire after 4000km-ish. No questions asked.

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