How was your ride today?

That whip is very nothing-to-see-here awesome.

Looks Good Take it for a test drive?
Make it so.

Riverside paths look good :+1:

Did a nice loop using deserted country roads that are actual suitable for road bikes, most gravely and potholed.



Went for a hour ride after work. I feel like the traffic lights make my time even worse. Idk any paths in my area with little traffic though + no transportation to drive my bike to a trail :frowning:

Have you checked the Strava heatmap for ideas? It shows you the most commonly cycled locations. Often it just shows the obvious (and less interesting) roads, but it could give you suggestions.


After last Sunday’s “she’s out of my league” climb…I needed to find a segment with an avg. gradient less than 5.6%. I didn’t want to be emasculated two weeks in a row. I have my limits.

I settled on a 8km stretch that was 4.5%, which was still painful for my middle-aged legs, but doable.

On the climb itself, I only saw 2 cyclists coming down as I was ascending. On the descent saw 3 cyclists heading up. It was motorcyclists galore though. I bet for them both the ascent and descent is joyful.

My bike GPS got me all mixed up once I tried to get on the riverside path and that had me out in the sun much longer than I wanted. By noon, I felt I had worn out my welcome and needed to find some shade or an icebath quick. Finishing my ride by going around duckhead was not the smartest move. On the positive side when I went to buy a drink at the vending machine I found 12nt. So it was obviously worth the torture. Now I just need to find shorts with an inseam to match my tan lines.


Took the dog for 6k hike shirtless. No tan or burn. It was early and the mountain is shaded. Then went on a riverside ride with my son for about 2 hours starting at around 8:30 am. Wore a shirt of course and there’s definitely a tan line on my arms. No more riverside path rides this summer. Just too damn hot and shadeless.


Or wait until evening.



Yes exactly. Weekday nights that is the only place I know of that is relatively well-lit and kinda safe. The amount of people (bikers and runners/walkers) that make u-turns without looking behind first is crazy.

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I applaud you guys heading after 6-7AM in these temperatures.

If some mountain cycling is what you guys want to do and avoid those also dodging the heat, head towards National Palace Museum. Zhi Shan Rd is fully lit and so are the climbs branching off of it.


I did my first 20 km :slight_smile: horrible timing but still did it lol.


Stick with it. I only started riding 6 months ago and 20km for me was a chore and I kept to the riverside path. I only road once a week back then and just kept going slightly farther each time.


Is this the 106 to 北47 and back along the 9?

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I’m bad with directions but it does look like it begins on the 106. Starts right at that gas station and the ‘segment’ ends at the temple. I’m a total noob to climbing and road cycling in general, but some of those hairpin turns are still giving me nightmares. I’m probably going to stick to stuff sub-5% gradient for the time being / especially in the summer.

Ah Roh Yang Gas Station to Temple | Strava Ride Segment in 深坑區, 新北市, Taiwan

Good effort

The second day after you’ll feel terrible, this is when you need to force yourself out and do at least 10km, not at the same pace, just moving the legs.


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Helen’s by full moon light, up from ShiZhr side has a lovely 5% gradient most of the way, nice and cool around 9 pm to 11 pm. then down past Palace Museum and the roads have mostly quietened down. Just watch for dogs in the shadows…

was a regular ride back in the day. literally, turn off your headlights and let the full moon do its thing.


Xi Wan Road is pretty amazing , but I haven’t done it at night. It’s now lit to the pagoda after the long bridge, which I think is around halfway. After that it’s not lit until Feng Gui Zui, which is fully lit all the way down to NPM.

I regularly did FGZ at night. I’m hearing due to reduction in traffic it’s got new tarmac. Which can be both good and bad…


Only 14km/h winds but certain sections the headwinds made me feel like I was going backwards…like I was in the movie Tenet.

Heading east had some monster headwinds/sidewinds…so I’m real lucky I did not wear my skirt tonight and stuck with the bib shorts. One thing I noticed is that there are moments where the punishing wind just disappears maybe due to some trees or a barrier…and there’s a calm: no noise, no wind, no resistance. It’s just a for a second or two, but it’s almost like you’re floating. I guess what I’m trying to say that I now know what it is like to float in space. One more thing off my bucket list.