How/Where to Sell Bicycle in Taipei (2010 Kestrel Talon 52CM, Ultegra 6800 in Excellent Condition)

Hi Everyone, I’m looking to sell my road bike in Taipei, and greatly appreciate advise on how to do so. I have a friend who can share it in Mandarin communities for me.

Where are the best communities to share this? What should I be thinking about in terms of price? Are there bike shops that could help me sell it on commission?



  • 6,000 KM Outdoor, 2,500 KM on Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset.

  • 165MM Crankset, 50x34, 11-28.

  • Beautiful aero frame. See photos.

  • No usage since mid-2019. Bike was always stored indoors away from the weather.

  • Always kept in excellent condition, wiped down after every ride, never ridden in rainy conditions. Tuned up in Taipei at the local Giant Bike Shop.

  • I am selling because due to COVID, I no longer travel to Taiwan.

  • I am 167 CM, 66KG - I am a lighter rider putting less stress into the equipment.

Key equipment:

Kestrel Talon - 2010, 52CM Frame. New official seatpost (purchased 2019)


Have you considered Forumosa? People might want to know the selling price, though…

That’s a very old bike. Not sure how much it’d get in Taiwan.

There are several Taiwan-oriented 2nd hand bike forums on FB.
Some more for the locals, some more for the Philipino bikers.
Your bike size should fit a lot of them, just don’t expect too much, they are flooded with 2nd hand bikes.

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Try Ruten, which is run by PCHome. I sold my old mountain bike on it. If the buyer wants to take it out for a test ride, be sure to ask for his ID to prevent him riding off into the sunset.

I had two Velocite Geos bike, with Ultegra parts and all that, and nobody wanted to pay any real money for it.

The problem is, it costs money to fix these types of bikes, a lot of money because those parts are a lot of money and carbon bikes requires special tools to work on.

So it ended up being given away for next to free… like 1000nt. The new owners likely needs to spend another 10k to get it working.

Seems they’re a bit like computers… 2010 models are yesterday’s news.

What made it worse is these bikes were very large frame, built for large people… no Taiwanese will be able to ride it.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Not sure what to suggest as a price.

If you really want to get rid of it, something around 10-20,000NTD. If no UCI world team is riding it, the re-sell value for bikes in Taiwan is pretty horrible.

I previously spent roughly 120,000NTD on this bike:

Ended up breaking it down and selling it for no more than 50,000NTD

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Thanks, that’s good to understand about the local market.

Do you know of any Taipei-based services that can pack up and ship a bike safely? Maybe I’ll look to do that instead.

In the US, there’s this:

You can try bikeflights or have your friend send the bike to pretty much any bike shop in Taiwan, they’ll box it up for 600-1000NTD and you can call FedEx to pick up and ship.

Don’t think there’s a specific local service if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Used market in Taiwan is just horrible. Taiwanese have weird thing about buying used thing, especially wearables like clothing and helmet.

So unless it’s an iphone/ipad/imac/macbook that isn’t TOO outdated, it will sell for a tiny fraction of its original price.

Conversely I am not getting a good deal from buying used either. Some piece of junk looking product and the buyer wants the same price as a brand new one…

Not really bike related, but no way I’m paying 25k for this old junk…

When I can buy a brand new one from Taobao for half that price! (of similar feature).

How odd - do people just keep all their stuff then if they can neither buy or sell?

I believe so.

Until a spring cleaning comes along and then it goes straight to the dump.

Really depends. Local and lesser known brands, most people tend to keep those or sell them with all parts included for cheap.

If there’s sentimental value, most people keep them.