How will Covid19 affect the 2020 USA elections?

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. The MSM however, they carry a lot of the blame. I’m not pointing to Italy or Spanish leaders, or leaders in the UK. But it was the job of the media to warn the public this was a serious threat and they failed.


Yes, if you get your news from a new site anywhere in the world that relies on clicks for revenue (so that’s most if not all of them), then whatever stories you read about Trump are designed to make you angry. They do not always tell the truth if it gets in the way of clicks; sometimes they don’t lie but omit key details. Or interject an editorial narrative that the site may or may not actually believe in.

Every major news US url is this way, including The New York Times and FOX. Even the august WSJ is guilty of it.

If the media had not worked hand in glove with the Democrat party last fall, when Pelosi decided to impeach Trump, then the US would not have wasted precious months fighting over bogus articles of impeachment instead of watching events unfold in Wuhan.


Exactly, as the article I linked to noted.

On the exact same day the Senate was debating whether to call more witnesses for the Senate impeachment trial, the newly assembled Coronavirus Task Force was holding a press conference to outline: in accordance with the national health emergency declaration, at 5:00 p.m. EST; Sunday, February 2nd, the U.S government would implement temporary measures to increase detection & containment of the coronavirus proactively:

Guess which one the MSM were all over and guess which one they failed to cover.

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It’ll probably drop him three points in the polls. The way things stand that should be enough to sink him, but it’s a long way to November. The virus could disappear without causing huge damage; Trump could be lauded for his calm and courageous role.
I don’t think he’ll ever win the popular ballot, but it might be enough to push him through the Electoral College. There’s a slimmer chance of that now, but Trump has come up on top before. With Biden looking to get the nod I would have given odds of 35-65 (of winning, not the vote); now, I’d say 25-75, but he still has a chance.

Biden winning or Trump winning? :thinking:

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Do you believe the polls are accurate?

Ummmm…MSM means what?

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Trump was right about the trade balance and supply chain. It’s getting exposed now with companies having terrible supply chain risk management in favor of cheap Chinese inputs. I can’t wait to see him hit this over and over and over again with whoever he debates.

Everyone kept bitching about how their business is struggling with new tarrifs. Now they can’t get any inputs to even run a business.


Agree, but I really think the odds are good the Dem candidate will not debate Trump. Especially if it’s Biden, but any Dem is going to be crucified on border security.

I may be wrong, but given Covid19 debating Trump on live tv will be as risky as walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

Bernie Bros are happy

Means paranoia.

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Main Stream Media, AKA the Fourth Estate , which doesn’t include everyone who might have something to say which is why there is the Fifth Estate.

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I’m missing how any conversation about building a wall has been a slam dunk.

I’m against it. I think we can use our money in better ways than building a wall that also takes away private property along the border, divides races, increases xenophobia and is a safe guard for martial law in the US.

I’m not against immigration reform. I have begun the impact it has on AAs in the US.

But the project isn’t a slam dunk imo at the moment.

It’s not about being them back completely. But it’s a good time to start revamping the current mode.

If anything, even if it doesn’t happen, imo it sure as shit stinks, a good hype conversation.

Coal ain’t coming back but that didn’t stop folks in those states getting amped over Trump’s promise to build up the industry. :wink:

To be honest, the MSM did cover the virus in Jan but not like it is now. Why because it wasn’t (N) IMBY.

Couple of thinks the consider when covering this in US media (can’t speak for other Western)

  1. The mass hysteria aspect. Most grocery store in the US have about two weeks worth of food for their supply. If MSM started ponding the drum about this in Jan/early Feb we would have seen food shortages. Americans are just plain selfish. But that whole YOLO period just cemented whatever Me First mindset we already have.

I’m seeing long lines in my city at the grocery stores. People over buying, and not even the right stuff. Why do you really need ten boxes of ramen for a family of four? You don’t. But if you have then, bough using SNAP/WIC money, then you have a nice little husstle while out of work due to the shutdown.

Also, you have large portions of the population that don’t even acknowledge the news. Why put out all that information when most are too busy watching “The Bachelor” and discussing their March Madness brackets???

Last two weeks, at my job they have been stressing the importance of hand washing. Yesterday we shut down. And guess what? Folks still aren’t washing their $&*^ damned hands. Ugh

Yes but we can focus on creating and keeping supply chains in emerging industries. New industries tend to have higher value margins as well. Same repeating story with Trump. He tries to address problems that other politicians just ignore, which is great, but he addresses them in the most ass backwards way possible.

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Any other president would see it as his or her job to model safe behavior. Trump is the president, the head of state. His mental and physical health are vital public concerns. Why is Trump continuing to act in ways that threaten himself and others?

Perhaps because your thinking about the border wall is stuck in the time before flying aids made a visit to the Americas?

You should take responsibility for your actions.


Global supply chain. Many of the APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredient), the actual drug compound itself, are manufactured in China. Indian companies usually use these to further package and process and then do the regulatory work to become an approved drug in pill or tablet form . This is mainly generics though.