How would you describe a color to a blind person


  1. Pick a color
  2. The response has to be in five words or less. Then give the next color.


Blue: how slightly cold water feels
Red: punching someone in their face
Yellow: vomit smell
Brown: taste of unsweetened cocoa powder
White: feeling of sunlight on bare skin


Er…let me clarify.

  1. Describe one color in five words or less
    .2) Give a color for the next person to describe


Whatevah already won this game.


Does that mean if I get someone, blind or otherwise, to ask me to try to describe the colour red, I can smack them in the chin?


I’m not advocating violence with this game. IJS

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This is so rude. Yellow is the smell of old library books.

Okay, I’m going to do purple: rubbing petals between your fingers.

Next person does pink.

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This discussion makes no sense. A blind person would never associate these descriptions with any colour.

mixture of red and purple

Red: radiation with wavelengths of 680nm
Purple: radiation with wavelengths of 410nm


Color is a pretty abstract experience, even for those who can see. But I think describing the things that are most strongly associated with a given color would help them decide their own feelings toward it.

There’s also social information attached to color that I think a blind person would find interesting to learn, like the colors of flags, of political parties, the arbitrary gendering of pink and blue…it’s a worthwhile conversation.

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Maybe you should go play another game, like solitaire. :slight_smile:


Are you trying to rub it in?

This thread led me to wonder if blind people dream in color. It seems that my question assumed a little too much, but I found this article interesting:

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It would’ve been the perfect winning post, but you’ve used six words here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Take out the “of”.

would be the same as telling a harbor seal about the UFO you saw.

Not even remotely true. We share a language, knowledge of other senses and the information they can provide, and a wide range of other experiences.

I was partially blind two years ago , not color blind but could just see blurs. Catarachts in both eyes. The world just became background noise.I forgot about color and light only became important in helping me get from A to B.

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Eye’d say “curing” blindness isn’t so far off.

Hope you’re seeing better now!