How would you describe a color to a blind person

And spelling!

Next person does green

The smell of cut grass


I think a person who has never seen it would be impossible to describe a color

That’s generally understood by everyone. Yet, trying might be fun for both parties, hence this game

Which reminds me I need a color! Orange

Orange: As tart as Trump’s words

Next color: Maroon.

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Maroon: the warmth of hot chocolate

Next color: Magenta

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An electric shock.

Nobody did pink like I asked! Next color is pink.


Pink is how it feels when you stick both hands into a blancmange.

Next up: beige

Beige: the taste of uncooked dough

Next color: Cyan


@tando did.
And in the most precise way!

Oh yeah…but it wasn’t a fun way. And this is Fun & Games.

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Well, I found it quite funny! But I guess that’s subjective.

Are you taking a shot at Cyan?

The sounds of a retro arcade.

Next up: gray.

Are we no longer constrained by 5 words?

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Oops. Maybe we’ll make it “a short sentence.”


62 degrees in windowless room.

For people who like inaccurate temperatures:

17 degrees in windowless room.

Next up: Cerulean blue

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Not everyone will have that experience. Also a problem for my preferred explanation of pink :slight_smile:

Really? OK, a trifle then.