How you doin’?

Hey everyone. How are you doing? Tell us what’s going on in your life. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you excited? Are you struggling? Is everything tickety boo?

As for me? Currently I’m learning to stop people pleasing and speak out more. It’s a massive challenge, and I’m up to the task!

So, what’s going on with you?


I’s very good 'ere! Weekend approaching!

Thanks for askin!


Seems like an awfully people pleasing thread you started here. Just saying…

I’m pretty OK, by the way.


If I hadn’t shared what I’m doing, that would have been people pleasing.

Pretty OK? What does that mean?

What you got planned for the weekend, Marco?

About four notches below “tickety boo.”

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I’m not sure I’ve ever reached tickety boo. I tend to oscillate below and above that level.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what tickety boo means.

Edit: having looked it up, pretty OK and tickety boo are probably roughly equivalent, allowing for the “two countries separated by a common language” factor.


Tickety boo is slightly less happy than hunky dory.

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lucky you.

Not hunky dory level lucky though… :neutral_face:


All I could have hoped for and more. The one at the window was my favourite.

TPR is da bomb.

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i’m great, coming to taiwan was a good choice!


Picking up a macbook board of which I requested to swap the WiFi chip. WiFi’s shot on it so wanted to see if replacing it will work. I don’t have the equipment to do such advanced soldering so… we’ll see if it can be done. Took me forever to source the chip.

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I’m pleased to hear that. I did not enjoy Taiwan one bit. Not Taiwan’s fault though. That pleasure was all mine!

but you’re still here on the 'mosa with us? that’s a bit!


I have some great friends who post here. I enjoy the continuity in my life. It’s also partially a record of my life over the last ten plus years.
It’s a healthy community. :heart_eyes:


Or a mental healthy community.