How's anti-terrorism security in South Africa?

Or, Al-Quaeda threatens to bomb the world cup. :raspberry: … d-Cup.html

[quote]AL-QAEDA have vowed to bomb the World Cup - with England players top of their hitlist.
The terror group pledged to target the match between England and the USA in South Africa in June, warning “hundreds” of fans could die. …
They also vowed to target resorts, hotels and car parks used by supporters during the tournament. And they claimed explosive devices which cannot be detected by security scans would be used.

The threats appear on al-Qaeda-linked websites. A statement said: “How beautiful would the game between England and the USA be when broadcast live from a stadium full of spectators - when the sound of an explosion rumbles through the stands. The resulting death toll is in the dozens and hundreds - Allah willing.”


How much is South Africa willing to spend on anti-terrorism security for the World Cup? Canada managed to have a stellar terrorism-free Olympics, but we spent nearly a billion dollars on security. Not sure if S.A. can afford that kind of tab, but maybe I’m ignorant. can they? I would think they have a lot of other things to spend their money on, like security in general.

Would Al-Q be foolish to even try it? My impression of South Africans is that they’re armed and used to violence don’t mess around. I would think terrorists would not have an easy time taking anything over like in Mumbai.

Has South Africa been the target of terrorism from Al-Q before, or is this new?

In any case, best wishes for a safe world cup.

“The Sun”? You’ve got to be kidding! :roflmao:

Things should be A-ok! Touch wood.

SA has hosted numerous large events - cricket world cup, rugby world cup, IPL, and more (can’t think of them right now), without much event.

I read that 40 000 more cops would be on duty for the WC, not sure where they came from, how well they’re trained or what will happen to them afterwards though.

I worry about the Euro-louts who’re going to get drunk, try their luck, and get a solid hiding from the locals with their assortment of knobkerries, sjamboks, bottles, etc. British and European hooligans would do themselves a big favour by not getting cheeky in SA.

Al-Q should get robbed or hijacked before they reach their target in SA, so it should be safe. I hope they travel by train.

I had the chance recently to meet a South African official when I was attending an educational course in California. He didn’t mention anything about security, but he seemed a little worried about the country’s infrastructure to handle so many tourists. For example, the train systems have only a few first class type of trains. So perhaps all of the tourists who didn’t have the foresight to do a lot of planning ahead of time, might be forced to slum it in 2nd and 3rd classes. No big deal for those of us that are well travelled, but some first world pampered tourists might not like some of the infrastructure and transportation modes designed for the masses in SA. Same with accomodation. If they didn’t do planning way ahead, they may be travelling or staying in places a little rougher than perhaps what they’re used to in Europe and Americas.

Again, no big deal for seasoned travellers, but perhaps not for myopic football fans from inner city European urban centres.

I used to take the third class train between my little University town in the Cape and Johannesburg, first time I did I saw a guy get shot in the head on the platform right outside my window 2 stops from JHB Central station, almost nobody on the platform stopped to stare. That was in the mid 90’s, before the culture of violence peaked. I think that sort of thing may get even the roughest Euro hooligan’s knees a knocking. First class was only a few meters up the platform, so it’s not like it’d be any better outside the cheap seats and that was just tangential violence, not anything happening on the train itself which is very common. When I lived there SA’s public transport infrastructure was not for the uninitiated and certainly not for naive tourists with fat wallets, I doubt much has changed in that regard.

As for terrorism, SA security forces are trigger happy but AFAIK largely untested. I doubt they could come even close to operating as tight an event security blanket as Canada, but they also won’t wait to consult three legal teams before opening fire should push come to pipe bomb. Whether this puts the average spectator in a better or worse position is highly debatable.

I doubt that tourists will make use of the horrorshow that is South African Railways. There are shuttle buses that will pick people up at designated spots. Most will be in central areas at hotels, etc. Some will hire cars and some will use taxis.

In which case they’ll be mugged, raped and murdered with their corpses thrown out of the carriage before it reaches it’s destination.

I certainly hope so. I wouldn’t ride a train in South Africa if it was free and you paid me to do it. The last time I was back (just over six years ago) I used a bus from Pretoria to Potchefstroom, which used to be a very good alternative. Not sure if I juts got used to the clean and efficient Taiwanese buses, but I was horrified. I had my aunt pick me up in Potch to take me to the airport in Jo’burg.
If I ever go there again with my family I’ll definitely hire a car.

I did get a taxi driver (sedan taxi, not the mini bus taxis) to drive me around Pretoria, though. He was pretty cool and everytime I wanted to go somewhere I called him on his cel.

They’ve got great security in South Africa. Why, it was a South African who invented RapeX, the barbed vaginal condom.


Too bad it doesn’t come in infant sizes, though.