How's Taitung?

In one of the pollution threads, somebody mentioned Taitung as somewhat of a positive oddity when it comes to Taiwan’s logistical issues:

  • it’s on the east coast and thus enjoys much less pollution than basically everywhere else; one may even say tolerable levels

  • it’s in a weird pocket that doesn’t get the east coast rain blasts anywhere near as much as the north

  • it’s not so high latitudinally that Winters are too cold

  • It’s a stone’s throw from beautiful routes and places like taroko and that coastal road down and the canyon after that

The main downside I can see is that it doesn’t have a Costco; I mean this both literally and metaphorically, in that it seems a bit isolated and almost ghosted. And for an ocean side city it has a surprising lack of practical ocean front realty.

So I’m wondering, does anybody have experience living there? How is it? Nice on paper only?

Someones will post soon.

Meanwhile, you could read these threads.

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Another downside is that it gets really really hot in the summer, and the UV is brutal.

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Not really.

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Depends on your :muscle:

Taipei doesn’t have a lot of pollution at all. You don’t need to go to the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, it’s never really bothered me. But still a lot more than Taidong.

Driving to Taroko now from Taipei is probably as fast as from Taitung. Depending on road situation after Su’ao.

Anyway both aren’t exactly a stones throw. Taitung is fairly isolated but it’s getting better. But that’s why it’s special as well. Taitung and Pingdong always make me feel I’m on a wild Pacific island , my kinda places.:grin:

I saw a dead dog floating down the city waterway. That was about 3 years ago.

How’s CTaitung?

I’m doing fine thank you. :beers:
Nothing untoward happened this Friday the 13th.

CostCo is sometimes overrated. Carrefour is fine enough for me (better beer selection than Taiwan’s CostCos).

Electrified TRA from Hualien makes overall trip from/to Taipei much quicker.
Gone are the days of minutes over 6 hours to arrive at the old station (hate new one out in the boonies).
Great cycling all around, hot springs (others besides Chihben), etc.
When you arrive here, time slows down, and everything becomes so relaxing, clean, and cheap.
Can write about the county for an hour, but you get the idea.
As my id denotes, see Taitung if you haven’t yet done so.


Except for the real estate, of course, which is massively overpriced.

Taitung is paradise

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And paradise don’t come cheap. Well, I guess it’s cheaper than Hawaii. :sunglasses:

Yeah was gonna say re: cost of living compared w highway one or something similar nearby not so expensive.

If i make it out of Jersey ciry alive ill buy a min su there one day, bucket list…

You better hope to make full professor, cuz those minsus don’t come cheap.

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Taitung is so nice because it doesnt have costco and all the logistical reasons that make costco feasible. So that is actually a positive.

People are better than the west. Quite noticeable.

The heat is hotter but there isnt nearly the same greenhouse effect you get in other polluted/humid areas. It is probably the driest county in the country. But those burning winds do in fact make it uncomfortable for a week or 2 out of the year. In comparison to across the hills in pingdong/ktown and tainan where the air is uncomfortable 50 weeks a year.

Cheaper than most of taiwan for land, but not for many items. Trucking fees drive up the price but its not crazy. Real estate keeps climbing cause people with money keep buying it up. The time to buy was 5 or more years ago. Story of taiwan. Certain odd spots that got embarrasingly “famous” made land/houses expensive but that isnt the norm. Cisheng, Dulan and Longtian are good examples of rich people buying up land and driving up real estate for no meaningful reason. Cisheng go expensive after the amazing #20 road to Tainan/kaohsiung closed. Ironic. Tv isnt doing anyone any good. Nor is crappy canned coffee.

Winds here are probably the main issue. Dry riverbeds and year round winds can cause serious dust levels in the air. Its not as polluted as the west but this is a serious issue actually.

Lack of water was another thing not realized before moving to taitung. Less of a problem with residential land but is in fact a problem. Will be worse if larger population and industry move in.

One of the few places where KMT still have morals, at least in the sense they dont go full on factory style. Better (still not great).

It is convenient and nice, it would be a shame when western/northern (taiwan) folks commercialize the shit out of it though. It is already very much underway

Lastly. Anyone who compares Taitung to Pingtung probably should just stay in Taipei and visit the hot air balloons and surf competion. Worlds apart.


I’ve taken several trips up past Taitung, and only on one of them did I notice a massive dust cloud that appeared to be originating from the river bed that feeds into the ocean. It was bellowing into Taitung and had no remorse.

When you say it’s a big problem, how often does this happen?

I did also notice them doing some “sculpting” (whatever it’s called) of the river bed on the ocean side of the highway in what appeared to be an effort to organize water so there’s no dust to blow around (could have had other purposes). Maybe it’ll soon be a thing of the past? Or is that not the point of the project there.

The city area is a dump.
Surrounding Fiji-type flora and fauna and beaches and feel is great

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The old reputation of Taitung is that it’s a hopelessly corrupt fiefdom. Exhibit A: the ridiculous relocation of Taitung TRA Station out in the middle of nowhere, apparently to boost the value of a prominent figure’s property holdings.

For forumosans on the ground: do you think this (old) reputation is still deserved?