How's the Shilin night market changeover going?

How’s the Shilin night market changeover going?

Just curious, I have video footage of the old, or “classic” Shilin night market, to hold and to cherish…

I’m back in Canada now, so out of touch. What’s happening to the market?

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They’re moving the entire Shilin night market to a new building, replete with parking garage, decent lighting, and cleanliness. Drama involves the contractors, gantsters, stall owners… you can read about it in TT. The market has moved to a temporary location near the MRT station until the real deal is complete. I’m just glad I got to go to the original a few times. Sounds like they’re going to try to suck the soul out of it haha…

They’re going to tax it. … /14/175632

Reminds me of them tearing down the old “Thieves Alley” (I think they called it) – that three story gadget emporium that used to stand (like 10 or 15 years ago) where the Tax Office is today on Chunghwa Road – it’s so much more boring going to the train station area and into a nice clean “Nova” to buy electronics!! Yeah, it’s cleaner, but you don’t pick a night market based on cleanliness (although you might update your vaccinations before going!)

Well, at least they replaced the old “Thieves alley” with a new “Thieves alley”. It’s a more modern and sanitary way to fleece people.

I’ve heard several people criticize this move from the old location to the new facility. I think we should keep in mind that Taiwan is trying to become a better place. They want to modernize the country and moving the old, dirty, untaxable night market is a step in the right direction.

And don’t worry about a loss of culture. I think it will always be Taiwan. Just look at Japan. They are global players and thoroughly modernized. Yet, when I lived in Tokyo I never got the impression I was in some sort of wanna-be Western place. Tokyo is a clean, modern Asian city and that’s what Taipei could become.

Modernization doesn’t mean they should do away with the scuzzy tradional markets though! The revamp they did to TongHuaJie was ok. All they did was clean up the shop fronts, lay some new paving stones, and replaced some burnt lightbulb strings.
An indoor nightmarket??? Whatthefuckisthat?

I think the new temporary night market is a great improvement over the old one. It’s certainly way above what I’d expected. And the locals obviously like it – it was packed to bursting point when I went there. If the new permanent one turns out to be even better, then what a big plus it’ll be for Taipei. Thumbs up and ten out of ten again to Mayor Ma.

…thanks Mayor Ma guest shill for that little insight.

First, the Shihlin Night Market did not relocate. It is still there as before. What has changed is that the old food court (which included a wet market and clothes stalls) was demolished. After more than 80 years, I guess they finally decided to start over.
The new, temporary food court and flea market-like affair started life cleaner than the original, but in just under a month, the hygenic habits of the Taiwanese are showing through.
The food stalls are already getting slightly grotty (particularly the grilled steak place --yuck!) and several others. It won’t be long before the place looks once again like the filthy, black hole we all grew to love.
Also, the place has zilch ventilation and we can be glad that winter is coming. Next summer will be intolerable, mark my words. A hundred or more gas flames going in a space with few windows…yeah.
I always said that the original market area should have been refurbished, not destroyed. Alas, one day we can enjoy the “clean,” new environment of three basements and three stories of lifeless packaging…

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Oh, now this should be interesting…

As dangrmous said in an earlier post if you check the English newspaper archives, especially from the Taipei Times, you should find information about the move.

An enterprising person who is into archiving would take some time-lapse photography. Say a shot every week for 52 weeks. Could be of medical use – like watching a tumor grow.

After reading Wolf’s vivid description of the place, I went and checked it out. I admit it was a bit late when I got there, but trash was everywhere! It’s been open what, a month? And already people are already trashing it.

It reminds me, Chessman, of the following story:
When I was a newbie in Taiwan (sometime around the Warring States period) I asked a Chinese person why the bottoms of all the pots and pans I saw in restaurants and night markets were so dirty. The reply?
“Nobody eats off the bottom of the pan, so why bother to wash it?”

I wonder how long it will take before they get some kind of fire related disaster in an underground food (night market) … it’s not that it will be like any department store food court … it’ll still be a night market …