How's Zhudong? Air quality?

I was just offered a contract in Zhudong and plan on going in June. How’s the air quality there compared to the rest of the island? I’ve read the reports on the taiwanese websites of being of moderate level of pollution, which I take this is as it’s pretty bad. I understand that its up in the mountains. Can anyone clarify? I haven’t found much about the city itself.

Hsinchu is windy so air quality shouldn’t be too bad.

Pretty much the whole west coast has poor air quality. It’s just a matter of it being moderately bad, pretty bad or awful. I would say that area probably is fairly decent compared to the rest of the west coast. The south is awful in the winter because it never rains and everything improves a lot in the summer.

Zhudong is not on the coast! The air quality there is perfectly fine. And it’s a beautiful area–the only thing I’d have against it is that it’s a bit small, so there isn’t much variety in terms of restaurants. But you wouldn’t be that far out of Hsinchu.

If you are in Zhudong, get ready for long motorcycle rides into Hsinchu for entertainment, unless you enjoy outdoor activities, then you are almost already there. There’s a decent night market behind a tiny road next to the main train station every Saturday. I would say the air quality is so-so in downtown Zhudong, but ones you get away from all the exhausts, maybe just 5 minute ride away from downtown, the air quality is amazing.

There are a lot of great outdoor activities around. Beipu, Dashanbei, Neiwan, Qingquan are great tourist spots and then there are the mountains. Wuzhi Shan, Egongji Shan, Syakaro trail and many more trails in Miaoli, which is a stone throw away from Zhudong.

Yep, the area near zhudong is very scenic and natural.
When Abacus said the west coast he means the western plain, which does have higher pollution levels that tend to increase from North to South. However Zhudong is close to the mountains and is in Hsinchu which gets plenty of wind and rain, so it’s air quality should be better than average.
Of course it is also close to the Hsinchu science park too.

yes, pretty much everything west of the central mountain chain has poor air quality. It’s just a matter of how poor. Zhudong looks like it should be better than most places though.

Zhudong is not bad - certainly no worse than anywhere else. Without an air quality tester, I can’t be certain, but it feels about the same as Taipei 'burbs.

Thanks for the replies, this will help ease my nerves about the area as I’m very much an outdoors type, I’m not really into western entertainment or bars so I think I found a perfect fit. Thanks again!