HPV vaccine

Kid is scheduled for the HPV vaccine (cervical cancer). I’m not informed enough to get off the fence, but one of the first links I’ve watched is this:

Presumably not fake. Also no doubt a very rare reaction. But is the vaccine even worth that risk?

CDC says so.


Five year survival rates of cervical cancer in the US are 68%.


Then this, from Reddit:

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Indeed. Most goverment organisations do. What are we to make of the anti-vaccine movement, or their beliefs. Do they have a leg to stand on?

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Only thing we did was limit the # of multi-vaccines to 2 in one shot.
It meant going for a few more visits, but felt better doing so.
To me, those 4-in-1 vaccines seem like 4 punches, bambambambam, to a young person’s system. Too many at one time in my view.

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A yes from me, made sure my daughter received it.

Almost all of the daily activities we are engaged in come with a higher risk of injury or death than the HPV vaccine. Especially with things like driving. If you feel driving every day is worth the risk, the HPV vaccine should be a nobrainer.


Possibly right. It does concern me though that the brochures we receive are too nice, too glossy. So there is never any child who experiences long-term ill-effects from this vaccine?

Well HPV does not necessarily equal cancer. It will increase the likelihood.
As for what I think its worth it. I am pro vaccine but I don’t like to shut down debate. Any debate is good.

true. According to Wikipedia, more than 90% of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, which doesn’t mean everyone infected with HPV will suffer from cancer. What is the rate of cancer among people infected with HPV, I don’t know. In the United States, high-risk HPVs cause 3% of all cancers in women and 2% of all cancers in men.



When you search for more detail on the opening youtube link, there is no clear narrative which emerges. Some doctors have claimed the child has a psychological disorder. There doesn’t appear to be a clear and defined causal link to the vaccine.

The title says “alleged” reaction.

It does, but the story implies that there’s a reasonable causal link. Too casual tho!

There are; but it’s not a simple question of if you are or not risking something, it’s a question of which risk do you want to take?

HPV is an infection that almost all adults get at some point in their lives and a lot of the time is asymptomatic. People literally don’t know if they have it or not and is an STD.

It’s either you risk an-up-to-10% chance of developing cancer if infected or risk a 0.00022875% chance of dying from the HPV vaccine.

Sounds like a nobrainer to me.


Just my two cents, my grandmother died from cervical cancer at age 60. My sisters and I have all gotten the HPV vaccinations. Because of what happened with my grandmother, it was even more important for me that I received this vaccination. I have never heard of any bad experiences related to this vaccination. Not to say there aren’t any, but the majority of people benefit from this vaccination and I would recommend it to anyone I know. When I have kids, they will also be receiving this vaccination.