[HRM] Names erased from household registration

Lao ba, my father-in-law, went back to Taiwan to take care of some pension matters (he is a retired KMT soldier, but immigrated to the US 30 years ago). When he looked at the hu kou book (household registration?) which had previously listed the names of many of our family members, including myself (an American), my Taiwanese husband and my daughter, Lao ba said all 3 of our names had been removed. We haven’t been back to Taiwan since 1997, so we’re not sure what happened. Perhaps they started cracking down on Taiwnese with American passports? Have you heard of anything similar? This is not a big problem for us because we don’t forsee staying in Taiwan longer than 2 weeks at a time (the length of a tourist visa?), but it would have been nice for my husband and daughter to have had the option to stay longer based on being Taiwan citizens (both hold two passports). Any thoughts?

It is common that the names would be removed after an absence of two years or more. You can apply to have them re-entered in the household registration however, and the process should not be too complicated.

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Need some advice!!! :frowning:
I was informed by Household registration office that my husband’s hr is already dismissed since he is away for more than 2 yrs. Am working as factory worker. Can I still renew my ARC? What will happen to my open work permit, is it still valid?..



You should have your husband come back and re-instate his name on the Household Registration.

This is especially true if your visa is based on being married “to a Taiwan citizen with Household Registration in the Taiwan area.”

Otherwise, your husband will be considered an “overseas Chinese” and you will not have any RESIDENCY RIGHTS IN TAIWAN based on his status . . . . . even though you are married to him.

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