[HRM] Registration for child born outside the country

I just called the Taoyuan HHR Office and they told me that my child (who was born in the Philippines) needs more than a TECO Manila authenticated birth certificate to be added to her father’s Household Registration.

She said in Chinese that I needed to call a certain agency and apply for a certain document. What agency and what document I have no idea. Her Chinese was just too much for me.

Does anyone know what this agency is and what additional document is necessary?

can’t you just have the child’s father call? Or perhaps someone who speaks Chinese?

I wish I could.

My husband may be Taiwanese but he grew up in the Philippines. Not even after 10 years here with 2 years in the military has his Chinese improved.

I suggest that you visit the Household Registration Office in person. You may also get a neighbor to help you.