Hsieh Wen-ting has been replaced

I guess following the Republican handbook in the USA, Hsieh Wen-ting and 25 other government prosecutors have been removed from office.

As some of us may know Hsieh Wen-ting was a prosecutor handling CSB expense scandal.

Taiwan is becoming more backwatered and less original by the day.

Yup, he got promoted:

taiwannews.com.tw/etn/news_c … ics_TAIWAN

He went from Taiwan high court to the supreme court.

Not bad for one taking doubtful cases.

Yet another “AC_Dropout Misleading Thread Article/Title”

I wonder how much time he’s collectively taken to creatively warp every story to fit the KMT agenda the past few months.

AC_dropout is sitting in the US, hardly ever goes to Taiwan, and only reads the UDN online edition.

He’s therefore entitled to be as ignorant about Taiwan politics as I am ignorant about the politics of New York State.

The only thing which bothers me is that he chooses to spout his ignorance here.

It still doesn’t dampen the controversy behind the re-shuffling of the prosecutors.

From Mr. He’s cited article:

The reshuffle was announced on March 29, although nine of the 17 committee members refused to attend a meeting deliberating the decision, on the grounds that “political influence interfered in the proposed reshuffle.”
Opposition lawmakers also accused State Public Prosecutor-General Chen Tsung-ming of violating his neutrality when he tried to muster support from the review committee for the ministry’s decision to replace more than 10 chief prosecutors in lower and high courts, or about 40 percent of the chief prosecutors with Taiwan’s courts.

Ministry officials claimed later that they had completed the procedure required by law by consulting committee members individually on the telephone, but the nine members who opposed the move rebutted that claim with a statement in which they said the decision was made in violation of Article 59 of the Organic Law of the Courts, which requires a legal quorum for any decision at a meeting to become effective.[/quote]

It’s highly suspect when a prosecutor is switched in the middle of a high profile case involving the government, especially when this reshuffling decision was made by a political appointee.

No it’s not.

Mid level and senior officials are switched in batches here at given times, say every 2-3 years or whatever the schedule is.

That’s SOP for the whole Taiwan govt administration, including the army, the courts etc, and the asshats attaching them know that as well.

The blue bunglers have nothing better, so attaching a promotion is the only thing they can do.