Hsinchu and other upcoming MRTs?

So as soon as 2010 Hsinchu is supposed to have its own MRT completed?

This May Neihu also is going to have an MRT line extended from the Taipei City line?
chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/loca … hu-MRT.htm

Taoyuan will have a line also connecting it to the airport and Taipei.

And Taichung will have its own (by 2015)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taichung_M … MRT_System

What about Tainan? I heard they were going to do a subway there but the government keeps messing with the money.

Kaohsiung and Taipei have their amazing MRT’s. So sooner or later it seems most of Taiwan will have MRTs…

I’m really interested to know if anyone knows for sure when the Hsinchu MRT will be totally finished.

Please have a look at the Taipei MRT thread, and take those dates with a pound of salt -menaing add at least 5 years to completion.

They always run into pesky delays, you know, like little details of the sort of a historical monument or unconvenient foundation pillars in the way…

HsinChu - I also heard that 2010 was the completion date. Not anywhere close. The ultimate line planned and funded is 26 km with 26 stations and a new train station. I have been watchng progress on the stretch from the river into the train station. This construction runs, at least in part along side the train tracks. I see minimal weekly progress. 2020 perhaps.

Interesting. I assume you’re using this as your source? hsr.gov.tw/homepage.nsf/4c21 … enDocument Notice that it also lists Tainan, which has no real plans at all. I’m not even sure the 26 station Hsinchu plan will ever happen… however…
2010 will probably see the completion of 5 stations open for business, bringing the Train Station more easily accessible to the Hsinchu High Speed Rail. That is the purpose of the HMRT as far as I have read.

There is already a thread about the Hsinchu MRT. viewtopic.php?f=55&t=70929

I wrote an article almost two years ago about the various MRT projects in Taiwan. It gives details of all the planned lines, although not all of them are under construction and some might never actually be built.

blog.taiwan-guide.org/2007/04/ma … nd-taipei/

Oh, you wrote that? Cool, I’ve read that before.
But it’s out of date now. Kaohsiung is opened, Tainan is pretty much not going to happen, Hsinchu will be open in 2010, and Taichung 2015. Right?

Change “will” to “coul” and “maybe” and it’s all current…

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Whats this about? Hsinchu was supposed to have MRT? Public transport in Hsinchu really sucks. You’d think they would invest some into the city what with all the rich universities and tech companies.


During the first DPP mayorship of Hsinchu City back in the 1990s, I recall there was some plan to have light rail running along Kuang Fu Road. The DPP lost control to the KMT, the plan was cancelled and exactly nothing happened…at all…for years…

Things are visibly happening again in Hsinchu City, but yes, I totally agree that public transport within the city is farcically bad, with the possible exception of the introduction of YouBike, which felt like manna from heaven.



Apart from Kaohsiung, none of the others have happened still!

I remember seeing pictures of what looked like trams in Hsinchu back in Japanese times.

Did I imagine that ?

Always rumors of kaohsiung extending to Tainan and logically Donggang in pingtung. I hope those 2 happen. Especially connecting.dong gang as its super close already, has no connection other than bus and is far cheaper than other transport ideas like hsr to pingtung amongst other silly ones.