Hsinchu/Ciyu Mausoleum Trip


I will be in Taiwan in a few weeks. I want to spend a day travelling from Taipei to Hsinchu to greet some old friends. But before I do, I want to stop at the Cihu Mausoleum in Taoyuan City, Daxi District. (Historical interest.) On the map, it looks like the Mausoleum is right on the way.

Is it possible to spend and hour or two at the Mausoleum in the morning, then get to Hsinchu by lunch? I keep getting wildly differing estimates. Any help appreciated.


It’s not directly on the way. Depending on your means of transportation you need to take a bus from Zhongli Railway Station or get off Freeway 3 at Daxi and make a little detour. The bus from Zhongli takes about an hour to get to Cihu. But you can do it before lunch if you start early.