Hsinchu to hualien driving

How to go to Hualien from Hisnchu if we have to go by car. Which is the best way to go and also beautiful way.

You have a few choices…Starting from Yangmei which isn’t too far from you, I usually take the Bei er gau (Number 3 freeway) to the Shrting exit in Taipei, cross the 102/106 to Fulung, and then the Bing hai Rd (coastal highway 2) to Suao. From there you’ll take the Suao gong lou (highway 9) into Hualien. You could also take highway 9 (The Bei yi gong lou) from Ankeng to Chiaoshi, drive across the Ilan plain into Suao, and then take the Suao Road all the way to Hualien.

You could also take the 14 across the Central mountain range starting from Puli going up over Hehuanshan and connecting with the 8 going down into Taroko gorge. This will take longer, but has fantastic mountain scenery and climbs to 3,300meters. Your car should be in very good shape for this journey.

The most common route (but least scenic) is to drive north of Taipei, take the Northeast coast highway exit and connect with the Bing hai road a few km’s south of Keelung. This will have heavy traffic on weekends, and is ugly as sin.

Hope you have some experience driving on mountain roads, you are going to need it regardless which route you choose…

For a family trip I suggest the Puli-Hehuanshan-Taroko route. It’s pretty straightforward (no messing around with maps or small roads) and offers stunning scenery (well they all do but this route seems more civilized to me somehow).

I recommend a stop in Puli at the Chung Tai Chan Temple for a tour in English of the 13 story modern complex. Amazing art, architecture as well as the opportunity to get a cultural tour by the resident nuns. Very cool and relaxing. No weird religious proselytizing (unless you want that).

A night in Aowanda would be nice. The beautiful maple forests will be changing colors next month. There are simple cabins to stay in.

Chingjing farm is gorgeous and has many outdoor cafes and restaurants to stop at for good food and outstanding alpine scenery. You won’t believe how amazing this whole area is. perfect lazy sightseeing landscape.

As MJB said, the ride up Hehuanshan is wonderful.

That is a beautiful drive, although a little scary sometimes. My wife and I took her sister’s little Ford Fiesta across that route, and had no problems. We stopped in Lushan at a great hot-spring bed & breakfast. Lushan to Taroko is the best part - winding mountain roads, and beautiful views the entire way.

I doubt you would want to go all the way from Hsinchu to Hualien in one day going that route (I doubt anyone could). We started in Fongyuan, and made it to Lushan right after lunch. The next day we started off about 9AM and made it to Hualien about 5PM. Of course we stopped many, many times for pictures, and the occasional coffee shop.