Hsinchu To Taroko (How far)

I want to go to Taroko from Hisnchu this weekend using the Puli-Hehuanshan-Taroko route can some one tell how long it will take by car.

Also how long will it take from taroko to hualien.Would you suggest staying in taroko or hualien

Hsinchu to Puli…2-2.5 hours.

Puli to Hehuanshan…varies with traffic, but I’d give it 3 hours. Getting stuck behind a lumbering tour bus/gravel truck struggling with the altitude is a distinct possibility.

Hehuanshan to Taroko…2.5-4 hours. Endless road construction and when this happens they’ll close the road until they are done. Last time I went over I was stuck for over 90 minutes waiting for the 3pm opening time. (Good excuse to play some 2600meter high frisbee in the middle of the road though :sunglasses: ) This may or not be a factor now.

Now those numbers are for minimal stops and fairly fast driving…In other words, you will be in for a long, fairly stressful drive if you plan to do it in one day.

Taroko to Hualien City…35-45 minutes. There is a shortcut that cuts about 15 minutes off the drive, but very complicated to explain.

What do you plan to do? Hualien does have some trinket shopping, the new undersea park and whalewatching downtown but other than that no real reason to go there…I’d stay in Taroko and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy your trip…