Hsinchu vandals

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[code]Internet users help police find teenage girl vandals
TAIPEI – Internet surfers helped police find two teenage girls, who destroyed public property in Hsinchu before releasing a video of their crime on the Internet, local media reported yesterday.

The girls kicked off six protective boards on the sides of the bridge at the Kangnan Scenic Area (港南風景區), Hsinchu City, last December while their friends were making a video of their acts.

One of the girls uploaded the short film to some social networking sites, and thus raised widespread rage among the Internet users, who vowed to identify the pair after viewing the footage.

[/code]Video: (content is safe to watch, no idea which idiot flagged it inappropriate on youtube).

Stuck on stupid.

Hit ‘em, and the “parents”, in the pocket-book and maybe 1000 hrs of ‘Community Service’. (yeah, like thats gonna happen here in the Land of No Personal Responsibility’)

It merely confirms my worst suspicion: some people were indeed last in line (or absent) when brains were handed out.